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Mansfield was won on the same 'loaned vote' principal in 2017 - ir now has a 21,000 tory majority. They took a long time to change their mind and their vote - Labour will have to work hard to be taken seriously by the voters here again.

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As the putative Chairman of the Conservative Party's 'Fed up with being told what Brexit means by people who do well out of Europe' Forum I say that if the Party thinks this election was bad news wait and see what happens if we try to renege on the full Brexit the British people voted for.

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"Most don't seem to have exhibited any real understanding of the EU or of our predicament"

You may think there is a predicament but I doubt most people do - our predicament is that we ever joined the thing

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His reputation was shot to hell by the referendum and years of vacillation/lying over issues the country felt were important.

No reflected glory for Cameron, just shuffle off mate, 10 years was far too long

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Who cares if it is revocable or not? We are leaving.

They could offer the best deal in the world but we are leaving.

I don't like the democratic deficit and don't want to remain part of a disgusting German Ponzi scheme that is destroying the lives of young people across Southern Europe.

Art. 50 letter should read 'we quit, effective immediately'.

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It's appalling,
it's tragic
It's heartbreaking
I want to weep
How did we allow this to happen?

Heidi Allen really is a Conservative MP?

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Absolutely not

The guy ratted in a pretty underhand way and now appears to want to re-rat. He had little sense of public loyalty to the Conservatives when he was a Tory MP and has shown little loyalty for the Party that took him in.

He appears to be the founder and only member of the Douglas Carswell Party

Come on Clacton, you can do better than that

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Ms Morgan, if you seriously believe that your constituent was a Tory who had become disillusioned then I suggest that you book yourself on one of the Party's canvass training courses immediately or, better still, leave professional politics completely as you clearly have no aptitude for it.

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My ilk? How quaint!!

You are a 90 y.o retired Indian Army Colonel and I claim my reward!

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Anyone over the age of 20 who tells me that they know what 'young people' want is deluded. 15 year olds regard 19 year olds as ancient

As young people grow up they change - and none of us know in what direction.

Thanks for calling me and millions of others vile by the way - very helpful language in a democracy and one of the reasons that Remain lost - keep it up!