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Man, some of these are pretty much amazing.

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I don't get it... Twilight wins so many polls and Pinkie tends to always be in second. How did Fluttershy win this one? xD

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Wait, this is just now making it to EQD? I've had that rug for months now. O.o

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That's how you do customer service right there. I love when a company is real sounding and fair with their customers. A little bit goes a long way and big companies tend to forget this easily.

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Um... actually when the first comic came out, it was said in an interview with Andy Price and Katie Cook at some point that the comics are very much canon and that the comic writers (before #1 had come out) had actually been meeting with and collaborating with show writers so that they don't overlap or confuse the continuity and integrity of the in-show universe.

I'm not sure how much of that goes on anymore, but it certainly did at one time. The comics are pretty much as "canon" as the show. Take that as you will. Personally, I love the comics and they're a great way to stay interested in the show between seasons.

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It may be "sad and pathetic" but I actually totally agree with Whiskra. This is the first movie that the new incarnation of MLP is getting and instead of featuring the ponies we all know and love throughout the entire thing, they've taken the marketing route and are trying to compete with Mattel by overextending their brand into something it never was. The ponies have at least always been ponies ever since Gen 1. It actually astounds me that so many people are upvoting your harassing behavior toward Whiskra just because he is being honest about being simply unable to be okay with the premise of the new movie, which in its essence is nothing but a Hasbro cash grab. Why should Whiskra have to be okay with something he very obviously dislikes when it being successful could very much mean more movies for these humanized versions? (or worst case scenario, it starts to leak slowly into the core series.)

TL;DR - Yes, it is negativity, but it is not completely unfounded. There are valid reasons to be against the making of this movie in general, even though it looks like it might be pretty good, simply because they are straying away from what made it popular with fans in the first place for the purpose of staying competitive with brands like Monster High.

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I actually saw this at a local Books a Million just yesterday. Didn't realize that it wasn't technically out yet...

...and for some reason I didn't buy it.

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... None of the voice actors are involved with this? This is pretty much already terrible if that's true.

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Twitter is so confusing for me... has anyone perhaps compiled all the questions and answers into an easier to read format?

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I'm still a little disappointed that this is our first movie we're getting.

Does uh... does this mean that humans are canon now? Sort of?