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My god... they're even scarier from a distance.

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Just as there is a right to free speech, the site has just as much of a right to self-censor its content.

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Considering how good and tight the last episode was, it's weird to see something so... derivative? The Snowdrop bit seemed really random and out of place, and it led to a climax that just felt cruel for the sake of being cruel.

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Isn't it like a terrible idea to impose restrictions on a product that many, many people want and are desperate enough to pay a good bit of money on?

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Is that like the failed mardi gras Dr. Whooves?

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Why do they look like those inflatable flailing tube men that I see at car dealerships?

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Some random royal guard who just so happens to have a completely unique and totally out of place color scheme, no less... ugh.
This is the worst Christmas in July ever.

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Oh goody, tween pop. Just what I always wanted.

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I had shamefully forgotten about the production of this piece awhile back, but I can see that it was well, well worth the wait. This is easily hands-down the best fan animation to come out of this fandom in terms of just craftsmanship alone.

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Say what you will about the title (which is pretty dang rad), but that character art is honestly some of the most adorable that I've ever seen (especially Applejack and her pwecious wittle white freckles).