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It won't be the wrong color. A lighter color's just used for the pieces that aren't the main body color.

Trixie's hat was pure blue (like her mane) in the prototype photos of her, much like how AJ's hat matches her mane's color.

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I didn't read the article... Just wanted to share my appreciation for a Cardcaptor Sakura themed Pony-header~

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Gosh, remember when Tara Strong was super excited and involved with the community?

Then some folks fucked a Con up so badly that she's hardly been a part of it since.

Swings and roundabouts.

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The rise of Nightmarity.

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So, Pinkie will get her key when she realizes that, while throwing her friends good parties is fun, she shouldn't be competitive against someone who also has other people's best intentions at heart?

That's, at least, the pattern I see. Rarity got her key from Coco, who only gave it to her after she was generous enough to let her have the spotlight as the one making dresses for an important client. Rainbow Dash got hers after siding with the weaker team, effectively showing the more competitive team that they're /kind of/ asshats sometimes.

Should make for an interesting Twilight episode.

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Talking's, like, shipping second-base.

Direct eye-contact is first, I imagine. I'm rusty with my shipping rules.

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Oh God... DRESS.MOV... It's happening...

Isn't friendship magic~

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He sang Winter Wrap-Up in the bath!

It counts~

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I remember cast and crew saying season 3 would be good, too.

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I'll be waiting for Applesack and Charity's glorious debut.