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Umm, hi =x

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Fantastic review Mike, I agree with just about everything in your review. Although, even though no lock-on may seem odd at first, I believe it forces players to develop an extra layer of strategy, allowing them to survey their surroundings. Besides, lock-on, I believe, would make some of the dual-monster quests later on in the game a bit tougher. Also, as for the animations after consuming items, it prevents item spamming and makes for another area of battle that calls for strategic timing. All in all though, great review, and even though this game does have it's flaws, I believe they are all understandable and, in the end, make this experience what it is.

Side note: When I first bought the game and pulled out the manual, I was quite intimidated ><

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It's going to be a hardcore character: Reggie the Rainbow Shark. It'll be Reggie who was mutated into a shark somehow, and he has to infiltrate and destroy the PR headquarters of Sony and Microsoft.

EDIT: Mike, I was getting mad alongside you. You guys NEED to give Monster Hunter Tri a chance. Ian, I believe that the quality of a game should not be measured in how long it takes to finish a game, rather, it should be measured in how much entertainment you can draw from it. I mean, It took me about 100 hours to finish every single offline quest, but the thing is, the entire time, I felt like I was having fun, playing a really good game. It never became a chore. Even up to NOW, at 180 hours, I STILL have the same kind of experience, I still have fun. So yeah, give it another shot. And listen, just learn the mechanics, and I'll help you with all the online quests XP

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You just completely blew my mind.

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Can we just turn that into a meme? Anytime somebody expresses surprise on this site, just reply with "There was a rumor about that."

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Nice article Mike, a lot of thoughtful speculation. Though I wonder, if Retro WEREN'T being put to use on making a new IP, what would you want to see them do? Would you want them to try and revive one of Nintendo's older franchises?

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The only thing left now is to see who won the bet on which game would sell more between RS2 and NMH2...

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I was having a crummy day, then I opened up my browser. The Wiire has just rid me of my sorrow. Thanks guys!

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What else do you guys want to see in the sequel? I think that they should put in some actual boss fights to make the experience more dynamic. I also think that more weapons should be added (like an actual sniper), the online multiplayer, alongside the security upgrade, should feature more customabizable options in regards to how the matches are set up (ie being able to turn off radar and names), and have not only competitive split-screen multiplayer, but make the campaign split-screen as well.

Well those are the only changes I would like that I can think of at the moment. Did I miss anything guys?