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The thing about gondolas is they're incredibly fucking slow.

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Ginsburg makes exactly this point in her dissent, which I was going to include, but the thing was getting loooong and it was 4 AM… "A ritualistic requirement that Congress repeal and reenact spending legislation in order to enlarge the population served by a federally funded program would advance no constitutional principle and would scarcely serve the interests of federalism. "

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She's reinvesting the money she's taking out, and she just turned old enough to get the money without paying a penalty. Though this solution may be worthwhile even for ppl that would need to pay the penalty, as it would be less than they'd pay in premiums after subsidies.

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Regarding this particular story -- Snowden goes on Russian TV and throws batting practice to Putin -- I'm finding it hard to find the part where we should be lauding Snowden. We've previously thanked him for putting NSA on the radar again. But we try to call them like we see them, and on this one, we're seeing the alternatives outlined above.

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It's always After Dark somewhere.

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Japanese Penis Festival.

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FIXED! Thank you.

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He was also Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump!

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Amen on that crawdad (crayfish) story... actually, just a few years ago I saw a real monster in the Delaware river, in November, at night... just cruising around by the shore. Never even knew they got that big, but it was cool to see. The Delaware's actually a (qualified) success story as far as cleaning up pollution. There's a good shad and herring run, and the Atlantic sturgeon is clinging to life.