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At the last General Election, I was dismayed to find that there now seems to be no REQUIREMENT for the folks dishing out the ballot papers to draw a line in INK through the name of the voter when their name is checked off the list. At my polling station, the officials were just putting a little tick IN PENCIL at side of the names.
At all previous elections it has been noticeable that the name was crossed through completely in RED INK.

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"this latest MP with a criminal record must surely be in line for at least a year's porridge when his sentence is handed down, and that will terminate his right to deposit his his arse on green leather at our expense."

I believe this remark is just wishful thinking. I reckon that the writer is forgetting one important fact, which is that the judges and MP's are so far up each others arses and so deep in each others pockets, that the sentence passed, will almost certainly be just under one year, maybe 363 days at most.

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Liz has never been a British Patriot. She has done nothing for Britain and the British people since becoming queen. As a princess (in training to become queen) she also did nothing.

While our men and women in the forces, were bravely fighting a war against her families home nation and our civilians were getting blow to bits and having their homes and businesses flattened by that same nations Luftwaffe between 1939 & 1945, she was generally nowhere to be seen.

Admittedly we see a few pictures of her, dressed up in her ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Services) uniform attending various publicity functions and sometimes in overalls, appearing to work on an army lorry or other vehicle. DON'T BE FOOLED.

For a number of years, I worked with a lady who was in the same ATS unit as Lizzie. She told me that the princess was NEVER SEEN, except when she was wheeled out for the cameras. The vehicles she is seen "Working on" had had their bodies and engines thoroughly cleaned and de-greased before hand by other ATS girls, so that Liz would not have to risk getting oil or dirt on her hands or tailored overalls. Immediately after the photo shoot, she would be whisked away to the officers mess for a good meal, then it was back to Mummy and Daddy for her, till next time the propaganda machine needed feeding.

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What more can we expect from a damn foreigner. She is just as much an unwanted INVADER of OUR LAND, as Trevor Phillips and all the other african, asian and other filth who have invaded Britain. Damn it, she is married to another foreigner (Greek) and has produced a council house full of mixed race brats,all living on benefits.
Come the revolution, when this nation sees sense and becomes a REPUBLIC, I will be delighted to sharpen the axe and use it on that family of traitorous vipers.

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To be absolutely blunt about it, Perverts like Chris Bryant and ANY OTHER MP's who argue and vote for a reduction in the age of sexual consent either for boys or girls, should be summarily executed.
Anyone who votes for such perverts should suffer the same fate as they are themselves condoning paedophilia.
Personally, it is my belief that the age of consent for any sexual contact should be returned to 21 years, as should the age for voting.

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Absolutely right shaunantijihad. 911 is one atrocity that cannot be blamed totally (if at all) on the muslims. All the concrete (and molten steel) evidence points to it being a "false flag" attack on the American people by the American Government and their agents, Other than the mass scale of the murders, it is no different to "The Gulf of Tonkin Incident in 1964" or "the Attack on the USS Liberty in 1967" which have been admitted by the US agencies concerned.
There is also some quite compelling evidence, which I have heard about but not yet seen, that "the 7 / 7 London bombings in 2005" were also a false flag operation by our government to keep the sheeple focused on the side of Blairs illegal war. This, if correct, would not surprise me in the least.

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I love GA's description of the asylum seekers boats as "Invasion Barges" which is of course exactly what they are.
It is sad that human beings have lost their lives, but one must see that some good has come out of this seeming tragedy.
FIRSTLY - there are now several less invaders to swarm up the beaches of Australia.
SECONDLY - those lost invaders cannot breed, which in turn means that in future years there will be thousands less invaders in Australia and other parts of the civilised world.
THIRDLY - and perhaps most importantly, the local fish population have had a good christmas feast

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"Laura Harvey, 28, PhD student "I love migrants. I studied and worked at LSE,"
The comment that she studied at the LSE (London School of Economics) says it all. For more of my 60 years of life than I care to remember, the LSE has been noted as a school for scum, having produced probably more left wing agitators, traitors, and other worthless creatures, than any other so called 'educational institute in Britain, maybe with the exceptions of Oxford & Cambridge Universities.
Among the more notably worthless ones have been:-
Virginia Bottomley, Edwina Currie, Frank Dobson, Margaret Hodge and Ed Miliband.

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"The European Parliament calls the ballot rigging, in which more people voted than who were registered, "irregularites". You and and I know it as ballot fraud."
I am so glad to know that such schemes to out vote legitimate parties, operate in other places, not just in Britain.

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This is really a great day for Nick, Simon and Tanya, their bravery and patriotism knows no bounds in the face of adversity.
It is also a great day for the members of the British National Party and for all true ethnic British people whose ancestors have worked hard to build this nation, and frequently fought and so often died to keep our nation free from foreign invaders.
I have little doubt that following our victory this day, the lights will be burning late into the night at the EHRC, or should that be the IFRC (Inequalities and foreign rights commission) headquarters, as they attempt to find some other way to damage or destroy this party and the British people. I believe that they are so dumb that they cannot accept the fact that we are HERE and here to stay, long after they and their like have been evicted from OUR NATION.