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Bachmann heard this little gem the way she gets all her intelligence: squatting in some bushes, "resting her heels" while eavesdropping.

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I'm not one to defend NASCAR and the illiterati who folllow it, but meh. I've heard louder boos at my daughter's ballet recitals. And that's even before I've had a couple drinks.

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This just in - Bank of America will now be known as "The Credit Union of US America", and CitiBank is changing to "Small Town Credit Union Cooperative". Also, the cost of the name changes will be passed on to consumers as "f- you, worthless drones - who do you think you are?" fees.

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Does Condi have stigmata, or did she just get done feeding Cheney with the blood of little children?

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Not to mention penises shaped like goat anuses.

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Ha, I'm an engineer, and we also had a TSB acronym called "Telecom System Block".

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Who is Liz? She does not go by Liz.
Where did you get your information?

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Inexplicable: I recently wrote a book titled "America by Heart" on sale now for $12.99 (available at Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon), but Obama's Secretary of Defense can't stop its employees, who also work for Obama, from using acronyms?

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So, pauletteanne, do you mean to say that all heathclare companies, banks, and car companies are nationalized? Government owns all of them? Because, I don't know, maybe I'm biased by the lamestream media, but I thought the healthcare plan would actually provide a new stream of customers for private insurance companies? And while the banks were never owned by the government, many have given back a sizable portion of what they borrowed in 2007-2008 (which Paulson and GWB initiated). As for the "car cos" - GM is set to IPO, and the government's stake has been significantly reduced. But that doesn't quite fit the narrative, does it? How's this (extra commas are on the house):

Hitler, lied to his country about going to war, as did Bush.
Hitler, sent his countrymen to die with no measurable result, as did Bush.
Hitler, silenced any and all who spoke out against him, as did Bush.
Hitler, consolidated his power illegally, as did Bush.
Hitler, advocated the use of torture, as did Bush.

See how easy that is?

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No, no STFU. We have a live one here. It's quite entertaining and even somewhat educational. It's like a window into the moronic brain.

Sorry pauletteanne, you were saying something about Bachmann being an excellent leader? Do tell.