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268 weeks ago @ Equestria Daily - Equestria Daily · 0 replies · +14 points

Yay Toriel!

271 weeks ago @ Equestria Daily - Pony Gets Undertaled A... · 0 replies · +1 points

They should have put Mass Effect 2 on the contest, not 3.

275 weeks ago @ Equestria Daily - Pony Wars: The Friends... · 0 replies · +1 points

Every time a changeling made a tie-fighter sound, I burst into laughter.

276 weeks ago @ Equestria Daily - Another Video Demonstr... · 0 replies · +3 points

Wow, I expected this post to be swarmed with comments. This pony game has the best graphics that exists on the planet.

285 weeks ago @ Equestria Daily - Poll Results: Do You H... · 1 reply · +4 points

My OC is a Red/Black alicorn with a tragic back-story and is married with all the mane 6 and Princess Luna.

285 weeks ago @ Silly Mare Games - MLP Warriors Release! · 1 reply · +4 points

Before the update, the Adventure mode was almost unplayable. You died once, then you got left behind (if you got really unlucky, a pure STR AI ended up farming the new ponies that spawn at your level and get way ahead). Now it's a lot better. However, now with the new leveling system it's quite weird to see that although I go pure build (10STR Earth Pony), by lvl10 I end up being a mixure (~25str,~20int), while the new ponies spawning still can go pure (e.g. 38STR 1INT).

By the way, why are some name tags red, others blue? I couldn't figure that one out.

285 weeks ago @ Silly Mare Games - MLP Warriors Release! · 3 replies · +4 points

I like the Single Fight mode. Go full INT Unicorn, and just wait out until they kill each other (the high STR characters will die pretty fast because their healing is useless), occasionally healing yourself for ridiculous amount. :)

288 weeks ago @ Equestria Daily - Talking Rainbow Dash B... · 3 replies · +17 points

"I'm Rainbow Dash, but sometimes they call me Rainbow Crash!"

Bonus points if you bring the backpack on a flight.

289 weeks ago @ Equestria Daily - Pinkie Pie is Bad with... · 0 replies · +1 points

Wow, the final one had a happy ending. Yus! :)

291 weeks ago @ Equestria Daily - Editorial: When Does P... · 1 reply · +3 points

"100th episode"..."cranky"

I see what you did there.