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Right. the pollster who predicted correctly FOrd would win the mayorlty of Toronto.. while others predicted a neck and neck race.. is a bad pollster.

Make no mistake.. this could be an outlier (tho his new poll he released today to see if the one yesterday was whacky reconfirms Ekos #'s)m but it wont be because he's a Liberal shill or whatever other insult you're parroting from Kory Teynecke,

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Ekos has the gap between the Liberals and Cons down to 5:

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Well, this is an Ipsos-Reid poll.. so it's not surprising they'd find a result like this.

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Decima's latest poll has the gap down to 7 from 14. I wouldn't count on a Con majority just yet. It is still early.

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So CR.. how long does Iggy have to live in Canada now that he's moved back before he's fit to govern Canada, in your mind? DOes he have to be back for 21 more years (- the 5 he has been back) before he's eligible to run for PM?

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Not long ago, Mr Genco tweeted this:

RT @TonyGenco Ppl of Vaughn, let Chief Fantino know that we don't want more prisons. Fantino's ways tried and failed in USA #cdnpoli #elxn41

I'd like to hear how he reconciles that now.

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Wow.. Coyne vs Wells is now so big it's got its own sponsor!

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Well, speaking for me, I've had enough of the bloody pre-writ Conservative attack ads and EAP ads and the contempt for Parliament. Lets go to an election.. If Harper gets a majority, at least we'll have lost on principle. If Canadians want this type of governing, they get the government they deserve. so be it

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Way to go Jack. I join other Liberals in saying I'm very proud of you.

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The only thing that is 'cheap and nasty' is the PMO trying to belittle Ignatieff's family as being somehow less praiseworthy immigrants then others.