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I vote for pre-show Twilight, while she was learning under Celestia. It'd be really fun to learn in school and have a mentor that can teach you all about magic. Sure, she might be slightly shut-in, but with all of those books and so much to learn from the princess, who wouldn't be?

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We still need to get the sixth key.
For each pony's key episode, she acts in a way against her element, and has an interaction with another pony who is/was acting the same way. Then, she comes around and realizes what she has done and what she needs to do, and by doing so, convinces the other pony of the importance of that element.
We know Twilight's element is Magic, so at first I thought she should teach somepony (perhaps Tirek) about magic.
However, by the Zeroth law of Ponynamics, Magic = Friendship. I think she's going to at first listen to Celestia/other princesses about not going to her friends, but then have a realization (rainbow-eye gleam, etc.) that she needs them, and by doing so convince Celestia/other princesses of the extreme importance of friendship, completing the circle that started from the first episode. Then Celestia will give the key, she opens the box, and Tirek can be defeated.
But that's just a theory.

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The link has been doubled!

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Is it just me, or is the guitar on #5 really out of tune?

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Nekomonogatari Kuro (Black cat story) is an anime adaptation of the light novel series Monogatari (, which is apparently a highschool supernatural occult detective story.

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"Rarity takes Manehatten"
Dr. Hooves episode confirmed?

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If you press CC on the youtube video, you should get a pretty good translation.
The last line is basically "move your feet, lose your seat".

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Assuming that Twilight doesn't switch her destiny with one of the Mane 6, they all swap destinies with each other, and we don't get a two-way swap between ponies, that gives us exactly two options:

Party-loving Rainbow
Weathermare Rarity
Apple Pinkie
Animal-attending Apple Jack
Fashionista Fluttershy
Animal-raiser Rainbow
Weather-mare Rarity
Apple Pinkie
Fashionista Rarity
Party-loving Fluttershy.

Funnily enough, the first one wouldn't be too far off from their personalities...