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Anyone who contrasts the American Revolution with the Sexual Revolution clearly has not seen Benjamin Franklin's French porn collection....

Seriously though - the Revolutionary period was actually one of the first times in (western) history where porn became huge. And prostitution was pretty much tolerated everywhere. So I don't think that his ideas about America and Sex are quite accurate...

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But apparently that would be REVERSE RACISM!! #@!! somehow.

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Here's a fun fact: I'm taking Criminal Adjudicatory Procedure right now, and our text book mentions a study on police who testify before court. The study was based only on the perceptions of judges based on the evidence they've seen in their court room, but basically judges, on average, estimate that cops lie on the witness stand more than 50% of the time.

So, the police are basically the least-truthful people in America...

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It's hard to see the point in wearing underwear when nobody can see it though! I thought it was just for fetish parties and pants off/dance off events?

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They only follow the part of the Constitution with the 10 Commandments in it, as 1787 Jesus intended

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And will they be shirtless and, preferably, covered in oil?

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Hey, if we can't be naked in San Francisco thanks to the 2012 nudity ban, then *nobody* gets to be naked, damnit!!

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"Personal photographer" is basically the new "Personal trainer", apparently.

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Preferably the troops would arrive shirtless and oiled, with big guns and/or bazookas :P

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According to the Guardian at least 9 counties, including Mobile, *have refused* to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples so far today. Many shut down their offices, and at least one nice judge iinsisted that, nah, actually she's never been *required* to issue marriage licenses at all, period.

Clearly, its time to deploy the National Guard in these counties. Preferably the openly gay troops =P