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I completely agree. In my view the Republicans are right to hold the power of the executive as supremely important, given their agenda and their style of governing. But for Democrats it's got to be the legislature that counts.

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I recall that for one of his TV specials Richard Pryor wanted to appear in a beige "skinsuit". Standards and Practices did not like the idea.

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Excellent idea.

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No, no, no, no, no. You were doing fine. You had shown slightly more dignity in your office than many of the junior senators of your era. You had established your wack-a-loon bona fides with those embarrassing remarks about vaccinations, but now this ham-handed segue into blaming your perceived opponent for a situation that is clearly a consequence of your own party's gross incompetence. (Satan tuts reproachfully) It won't do.

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Drone owners! The solution is obvious. Donate money to Senator Shortey's campaign committee in the name of your drone. Then your drone will be a person and anyone who shoots it down will have committed felony murder.

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Writing new laws and possibly amending the Constitution? That's seems like a pretty elaborate way to fuck a chicken.

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A sort of recurring theme is the idea that journalism has deteriorated so much, that there is so little quality journalism being done, that what we're left with is a comedy news show as our most reliable voice of defiance in the face of power. I don't think the evidence actually supports that view. Yes the Daily Show is a reliable voice of defiance, and Stewart and the rest of the "staff" are brilliantly expert in the ways of allowing people in places of power to reveal their own idiocy, hatefulness, ignorance, etc. But has journalism as such really declined? Hasn't the quality journalism always been just a drop in the bucket of crap that is the media? So now the bucket's gotten bigger so the drop looks smaller in comparison but really we're probably getting just about the same amount of quality that we always have.

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Beautiful Hebron, Kentucky! Come for the Zip-Lines and stay for the ignorance.

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That is, seriously, an interesting suggestion.

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Isn't the logical next step to create a new state agency that assigns lawyers to fetuses at the moment of conception, or at least as soon as conception can be confirmed? For that to work I suppose you'd need all the "functional" heterosexual men in the state to register with that agency and require them to fill out monthly "activity" reports. Not much of a burden really. I'm sure all the good men of Texas would be delighted and would consider it a sacred duty to comply with these regulations.