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Well contrary to the picture above and to the saying (Spitfire is best pony), Spitfire's and Fleetfoot's actions of selling out Soarin is far from best pony. That's Worst Pony material

Not only that it's like they're only the villains because the plot says so. It really takes the morale out of joininh the Wonderbolts if they leave a wingpony behind like that. Unacceptable.

Also why is it Rainbow Dash is in this dilemma of selling out Ponyville? That should be the last thing that comes to her mind let alone consider it!! Also Bulk Biceps shouldn't be that weak. I thought he was a good flyer who qualified to Wonderbolts Academy. It literally gives Rainbow Dash a convenient obstacle. Much like Rarity's lost ALOT of touch in fashion. Those are a few things I don't like.

You shouldn't have to have the characters revolve around the plot. The plot should revolve around the characters. Well that's how I see it anyways.

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Sorry. The worst episode this season still is a tie between Power Ponies and Rainbow Falls. IMHO.

Thankfully, I consider this episode the ANTI Power Ponies, in which they actually show what we would totally feel. Doubt, anxiety, and the motivation to rise again.

It was refreshing to see how the public of the Crystal Empire Views Spike, as someone great. It would totally break a man to know that so many people look up to you, but deep down in your heart you have that feeling you let them down. Applejack felt that when she decided not to return after losing the rodeo. Twilight feels that I assume with her new royal duties, and previously as a student.

I guess the great thing about this episode is that he had to deal with it head on in front of millions of ponies watching him.

And he did. Trying to make up for that was amazingly funny. Good to see Spike in a comedic cringe-worthy bubble without the Squidward Torture Porn Butt Monkeying around. I haven't laughed so hard when he was improvising. That's an actor or singer's worse nightmare.

Good to see the CMC try to get him out of the funk, and to Twilight to force him out of it :3. That's what friends are for. It was good for her to relate to Spike about her own bouts with falling.

Ice Archery. Such a dangerous weapon. As we saw. Good thing Spike decided to dig deep, and learn to pick himself back up, and prove to the crowd of millions he is truly deserving of.....

The Great and Honorable Spike the Brave and Glorious. (Bowing from the Princess of Love, with a nod of respect of the Two sisters included.)

And I thought Trixie overdid it XD.

I like how he responds with a sense of humility and doubt at the end. We can't have a character magically get over their obstacles now in one episode.

This double week of dragon I must say was very enjoyable. I never thought I seen adequately well done Spike episodes again, let alone two in a row near the end of the season.

I say this one gets a 10/10. This is an episode we can all relate to. I guess a minor nitpick would be if Twilight could get Spike out of a jam, why wasn't magic present then..... I guess that was the ceremonies and not the games. Fair enough.

We fall so we can learn to pic ourselves back up.

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2 in a row Spike episodes? And they're both potentially good??? I'll take it!!! Good way to end those pesky finals.

Bane voice: Let the games begin.

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Wow talk about a rite of passage. Endure a little slapstick butt-monkeying, and you get the royal treatment at the Crystal Empire!! :D

That little Just for Sidekicks issue of not being invited is officially.....SOLVED!!

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Dashie catching Spikey?? Thank goodness. We need more of that!!!

An episode featuring those two would be a great treat for the future :3.

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A kiss of good luck for two hopefully good Spike episodes I take it :3. I'll drink to that.

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Alas, I will not be in Stuttgart in time to be able to partake in the festivities :(. Literally just have to take the local S-Bahn Train system a few stops...... I bet the Galacon will be a blast!!

Oh well maybe next time.

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Oh dear. On one hand Corey Powell is able to write Spike well with Just for Sidekicks (albeit the whole no invitation thing which is potentially taken care of with the whole torch lighting). On the other hand she wrote Rainbow Falls........On one hand Megan McCarthy wrote Spike very well when the episodes don't focus around him such as Lesson Zero and The Crystal Empire. On the other hand she wrote Power Ponies basically forgetting how to write Spike with a purpose......... we shall see. I have le faith.

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Well let me put it this way friend, if Spike decided not to go with Twilight on his own accord, despite being told by Twilight not to go with her, I believe that the Crystal Empire would have been destroyed. That loyalty is what ultimately saved the empire if you watch it again. Just like when Spike decided to call Celestia when Twilight was off her rocker in Lesson Zero.

Spike deserved his stained glass window, and he deserves the honor of the torch bearer of the Crystal Empire. This literally potentially makes up for the whole "not being invited thing", Give the drake the time to shine.

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