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i'll never wear the V. ever. just not manly.

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So far, I haven't had too bad a problem with spam, a few that i block immediately. I also have a no second chance unfollow rule if you mention anything along the lines of "get a gazillion followers in 10 seconds...". but then, I don't have that big of a following anyway. good luck with it.

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no, not specifically. i was discussing with a coworker and we did some looking. from what we can tell, nothing specifically in Minneapolis, just the surrounding area. that ws all.

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Justin, when you say "It was the first tornado to hit this area in nearly 90 years", how are you quantifying that? It does appear that there has been tornado activity in that area within the last 90 years. I'm just curious as to what you mean? Has Minneapolis not been hit in that long?

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OK, that is totally amazing. It's certainly hard to dismiss outright isn't it?

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Wow, didn't realize the ELCA was that liberal.

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Seems pretty slick, although I really didn't give it much of a try. I'll need to go back later and give it a good run through. Nice design.

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see, I did that this week. I knew she colored her hair, I saw her do it. I was getting ready for work at the same time in the same bathroom. but I failed to mention that it looked nice. I'm a dork...

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Is it me? Is it me?

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preach it!