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way to go sister! You are now my new role model!

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Yeah this place is great to me because If want advice you could go here if you dont want to talk to your parents or teacher. I mean you know how awkwrd that is to ask for advice from someone you know and no one here knows who you are. They only know what you say and try to help you if you need advice or anything else. I call this website a best friend.

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I agree with mark.

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I totally agree with you. What is the world turning into? And I do think that is wrong for a woman to marry a woman and a man to marry a man but apart o me is thinking that shouldnt they have a right to love too? I know the whole idea of same sex marriage is sickening but, they should have a chance to love to right?

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How can us teens get a job now and just start working. From what I know people can't even afford to hire other people because times are so bad. Not trying to upset you or anything Im Just speaking my mind.