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And pink hospital scrubs and Darth Vader masks:

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After awhile, he came to recall the cartoon character who runs head long into his opponents out-stretched fist. He charged on, no matter how mystifying the policy or outraged the critics. Perhaps he enjoyed it all. Indeed, often times he seemed to be having some degree of fun. Maybe that seemed all the more odd. But then so too did his decision to continue wearing sideburns. There is sometimes simply no accounting for what drives a man.

This is brilliant. You've written some great stuff this year.

It seemed like the government adopting indefensible policies and said policies falling within Clement's responsibility were essentially coeval this past year. Probably co-evil too.

Why is that the case? Is Clement drawing the short-straw and just being a team player, or does he actually not care that he isn't able to defend his government's policies? I want some accounting for what drives this man.

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1) Polling between elections

2) HRCs as a draconian threat to free speech

3) The Conservatives' interest in pushing forward their crime agenda

4) University rankings

5) George Smitherman

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It rings in the ears whenever this House of Commons, full mostly of men dressed up in dark suits, fills with uproarious laughter over something that would not fit any accepted definition of funny.

That is a brilliant line.

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Poetry! Ha! Who reads poetry?! What a nerd! In fact, who reads at all! Nerds!!

You tell'em Brent!

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He may need to grow an ironic moustache too.

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relative poverty doesn’t lock a student into poor school performance, which means it needn’t lock a young person out of a rewarding career.

Unless something else is locking them out of a rewarding career. We would need some evidence showing a low correlation between socio-economic background and future rewarding careers before we could reasonably believe it to be the case. That evidence may exist, but it isn't in this post.

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I suspect increasing tuition fees might have something to do with it.

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How can someone misunderstand an obvious and indisputable point so badly?

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"Blame is an easy way to avoid taking ownership of problems"

Says the person who is avoiding taking ownership of the problems his generation has wrought by blaming the generation behind his.