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At this point, anything. Can I sharpen that pencil for ya? haha

Seriously, I was a Business Systems Analyst in my last job working with large Oracle/SQL databases, custom online application design/testing/administration, training, document writing, tech writing. Looking for any kind of Business Analyst, Account Exec, Admin Assist, Tech Writer, QA/QC/Testing position.

Also, my husband is a brilliant firewall engineer who is also looking. :)

16 years ago @ Texas Startup Blog - Recruiting! Oh yea! · 1 reply · +1 points

As someone who is currently in the job market, I have to look at recruiters/headhunters and just shake my head sometimes. They are constantly calling about positions that have absolutely NOTHING in common with the skills and experience listed on my resume. Now, I'm a smart girl and I'm open to learning, but c'mon - most companies WANT people with at least some experience. I start asking questions about a position and quickly find out that it is nowhere near what I'm looking for - but the recruiters have no idea what they are really looking for and if they refuse to tell me anything about the company, I have to say thanks, but no thanks and keep looking.