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"Pssst" don't tell anyone I told you this. If the Government passes Universal Healthcare they are going to make us all go to the hospital and have half our brain removed. That way the Democrats will stay in power forever. This information is between you & me don't tell anyone.

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I heard Bill was pretty disappointed went he found out Kim was a guy.

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That was one promise I never worried he would break. I knew it was a pile of manure the second he first said it. People that fall for that kind of crap are also the same people that fall for the but wait, act know and get an additional one for free, just pay separate shipping & handling.

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Tomorrow’s daily briefing at the White House:

REAL JOURNALIST: have you heard of any response the President is planning in light of Chavez’s decision to shut down over thirty radio stations in Venezuela over the weekend and if so what action is the President planning to do?

GIBBS: …aaaahh well uuummm. As far as …aaahh well the President is …aaahh, what I mean is ….aaahh. I’m sure …aaahh as soon …aaahh, the President is …aaahh. Let me put it this way, if I was cooking …..aaahh a turkey in a kitchen and forgot to …aaahh add the dressing, I certainly wouldn’t call the locksmith for help. What I mean is ….aaahh I’m …uummm not a chef. Okay. UUmmm yes, Savannah Guthrie, NBC News?

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Gee-wiz another nut from Chicago that has a long term relationship with Obama.

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Pelosi blaming the insurance companies for messing up the healthcare bill, is like a match blaming the gasoline for the fire.

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Exactly what is it the rest of the world is waiting for? If one of our missile defense systems knocks a nuke out of the sky or worst one doesn’t, and a hundred thousand people vaporize? Would that be enough evidence then to realize negotiating with lunatics doesn’t work. I understand it does look better to the world if you offer to use diplomacy before force, but it seems the un- is never convinced until it’s too late. Sanction and embargos don’t work all they do is hurt the already oppressed people under the rule of a dicktator. I believe all we need to do is let Iran understand that the only thing between their nuclear program and annihilation is us. Then set a deadline for diplomacy, after that they’re on their own. We cannot stand between two nations and do nothing.

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You need to get some fresh air my friend. My post is that a misunderstanding that should have resulted to nothing but a page 15 report in the local paper has become a national debate. The ‘mole hill’ is the situation before our illustrious President with the help of the media turned this into a ‘Mountain’. Sorry you don’t understand sarcasm and humor.

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How to make a mountain out of a mole hill;
add one prominent African-American and one European-American police officer. Stir into overblown misunderstanding until an arrest is made. Let rest, and then add one uninformed comment from the President followed by an over-generalized controversial statement. Place into heated debate until every media outlet has settled, remove from heat and finish with a beer.

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I have a few things to say about this. First freedom of speech is in my opinion is titled wrong. Example: the flowers in bloom smell lovely today, I can make that statement anywhere on this planet in any language without fear of persecution. The First Amendment isn’t the freedom to speak; it’s the freedom to offend with speech. If someone is offended by something I have said or written, tough! This freedom has obvious limitation and we all know what those are. The fact is no one has the right to tell you what you can’t say, write or think as long as your words don’t harm anyone and feelings don’t count.
I can’t help but be confused how disagreeing with the President is racist. I am called a racist almost every time I write something negative about the President and see it everywhere. I call it the confused liberal hiccup, if you smack a liberal with a statement that they have no intelligent response too they become confused and hiccup ‘racist’. I usually respond with “that’s all you got? Calling me a racist, maybe you should go get some fresh air.” The other thing about this story that makes me want to vomit is that the newspaper that published the letter to the editor did so without either going to see what this American was selling or didn’t care and just thought it was a juicy letter that may create a buzz. I’m going with the juicy store side. The newspaper which is protected under the First Amendment and the citizen who wrote the letter is entitled to their opinion also protected under the First Amendment along with the mall that is private property and has the right to deny anyone from the property. Ironically have used their rights to deny another American theirs, some would argue he still has the right to say, write and sell what he wants but what they fail to understand is he is being punished for what he has expressed. That is a violation of his rights. How fast do you think the ACLU would be in the Concord Mills mall if he had been selling gay pride bumper stickers?
I myself have a t-shirt web site and most of my stuff you wouldn’t wear to a family picnic, but I have made a few bucks and have every right to sell what I choose to sell. I don’t side with anything when it comes to our rights and the drawback is I have to tolerate certain things I find ridiculous. The difference is I understand I have the right to my opinion not the right to impose it.