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This is my dream career!

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Curse you, Lauren Zuke for using a Clockwork Orange quote to mislead us!

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Was it just me or was there a colorful pony toy posing next to Princess Kenny's throne.
Upon closer inspection at that unicorn in the Sailor Kenny transformation scene, I'm sure that mark on its rump is not a coincidence!

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I laughed too hard from the silly quotes, and the background ponies' names are great!
"Raise That Barn" not "Raise This Barn"? LOL

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Let the games (and the spending) begin!

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That RD cupcake. Oh, Celestia! The fanfic is rushing back to me!

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All I can say is I went in the premiere with caution and moderate expectation, and I left with a big smile on my face knowing I was completely entertained. Also, being in the same theater with the cast and crew was a bonus as well! Give the movie a try, everypony!

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So that's what that sound was! I always thought Burbank was full of fast bees.

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But Pinkie Pie transforming into something is already canon in the Equestria Girls movie!

I'd like to think they're in their beast modes already and their robot modes are unique to their cutie mark.

Applejack has spring loaded hind legs and a laser grappling lasso made out of her hat.

Rainbow Dash wields an arsenal of seven colored lasers that can be used in unison to propel her at an alarming speed, leaving behind a devastating explosion.

Rarity manipulates three hovering dagger shards that reflect lasers and produce barriers.

Pinkie Pie carries a portable space/earth bridge device in her mane to teleport short distances, and her forearms transform into mini cannons that fire confetti shrapnel and sticky batter.

Fluttershy carries her loyal beast minicons in her chest compartment.

Twilight Prime is a triple changer with parts used from her horn and wings, and a trailer storage compartment to store books.

Equestrians, transform and make friends!