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14 years ago @ /Film - The Stepfather Remake ... · 0 replies · +1 points

See the original, my friend. It's really a very well-done film, IMHO, an overlooked classic of the psychological thriller genre. It's wonderfully patient in a way few (if any) genre films still are these days.

14 years ago @ /Film - The Stepfather Remake ... · 0 replies · +1 points

You hit it right on the head, Brendon. This is a thankless task, and likely a pointless movie. The original was a real winner, with an awesome quiet menace from O'Quinn, and the great reveal with the telephone gag--a scene I consider iconic in the psychological thriller genre.

Even though I suggested (only yesterday) that ratings really don't matter, I'm going back on that: FUCK all these lame-ass PG-13 "thrillers." Even if you're not going to give me some violent kills--really, I usually prefer creepy to gory anyway--at least give me some gratuitous booby shots.

14 years ago @ /Film - Whiteout Movie Trailer · 0 replies · +1 points

Sena's got real talent as a visual stylist -- he's just not a real "artist" as a director. Which means, to me at least, he'll be about as bad (or as good) as the material he's given. Swordfish was out-and-out idiotic, but it looked damn good (Halle Berry in particular, of course). So this might be OK. At least in the "ooooh, pretty" way.

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They... RAPED... Indiana Jones! And we just let it happen! We just ran away! :-)

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IMAX deserves EVERY BIT of the bad press it's getting over this -- these guys were smart enough to know that if they advertised "IMAX Digital" as the very different experience it is, people would never pay the same kind of money they would for "true" IMAX.

This company had every intention of defrauding the public by doing this. It is utterly indefensible. And its response following the recent brouhaha shows just how clueless its CEO is.

I'd like to see the threat of a class-action lawsuit force IMAX to clean up its act and properly disclose which theaters are true IMAX and which are not. I don't want to lose true IMAX, mind you , but I don't think that's a concern: if IMAX had to sell rights to its technology to another (and better, and more honest) company in order to, say, pay off an enormous lawsuit, it would do just that.

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Van Helsing turned me off all of this guy's films forever. I don't want to see the film, don't want to see the posters, don't want to see the damn commercials. Total fail.

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I'm in, man. I like Planet Terror more every time I see it, especially the "extended version" (though the Grindhouse version is crazy fun as well). This is exactly what RR does well -- fast and fun and gritty. I enjoyed the trailer in Grindhouse and I'm curious to see how much RR tries to match the actual film up with it. I'm guessing not TOO much, but who knows? Just hope Machete still hooks up with the mother-daughter combo and we get some kickass Jeff Fahey action.

14 years ago @ /Film - Platinum Dunes Says Fr... · 1 reply · 0 points

I dug the new Friday the 13th a lot in the first act--basically everything that happened with the first set of characters--but man, did it ever start to slowly fall apart from there. Some of the kills weren't bad, but they weren't exceptional. Some of the characters were a little more interesting than those in previous films, but not enough to be memorable. And basically the last act was god awful, especially that insanely stupid ending. That just really left a bad taste in my mouth about the whole project.

Still, I have a special place in my heart for the Friday the 13th films, and I liked how this one, at least at first, tried to be fair to the mythology of the series. If the producers really did learn their lessons from the first reboot, a sequel might be very entertaining.

14 years ago @ /Film - Pulitzer Prize-Winning... · 0 replies · +1 points

I love this! It's great to have a thoughtful, intelligent writer pen a slasher film. The best scary movies have interesting characters who you like and care about before they get hacked to pieces. That's why they're so suspenseful.

I'm with you on this one, Brendon: I'm dying to check out Beautiful Girl now. It could be awesome or awful, but at the very least, it's damn intriguing.

14 years ago @ /Film - Tony Scott Talks Futur... · 1 reply · +1 points

Oh, good lord, keep Tony away from the Alien series, and especially the camera. The last thing we need right now is music video Aliens shot so close you can see their Alien pores. (If they have pores. I really don't want to know.)

I'm glad the studio is insisting on Ridley. I'm insisting on Ridley too. Do it, Ridley. Do it. Do it.