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I'm sure I'll entitled as another "jealous female" but I can't stand this girl. Sure, she's attractive-but she's also a huge bitch. She bashes people on her site, makes fun of people who are heavy all the time and practically begs for attention.

I can't stand people like her...

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I'm not loving the look of those Turtles..looks...weird. Not really feeling it.

Though Band of Brothers news is always good news!

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God dammit Nolan, sign onto this. I've said it before and I'll say it again. This guy could direct anything and I'd see it, but please don't drop Bstman so some hack popcorn director takes it!

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Because now a days people love to be cynical and hate on things to be different. I'm the first to say Transformers isn't the next Gone With The Wind...but at the same time,'s a popcorn flick. Accept it and move on. Bashing it isn't going to stop production.

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I love how they keep it in the family, more the better.

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Amen, you nailed it.

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Hell yes, this needs to come out. Now. Cannot wait...I'd watch a piece of shit float in a toilet if Nolan directed it.

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Ok, before I get lynched for what I'm about to say. Episode I and II were unbearable. More so Episode I. Episode III while not near great, was tolerable.

Said it. THAT said...I really think the guy gets too much flack. As Craigsaorusrex said, he did bring us ILM and brought us one of the most memorable sci fi films of all time. He needs to stop milking it, thats for sure...but come on, the Star Wars fan in me still wants to cheer him on.

Other than that, Peter, I have to disagree with you on the Hurt Locker. I saw a screening for it, and that poster really doesn't display the type of movie it is. It's a drama, a good one, but no action film.

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I also have to'll be amazing to see all these negative nancy's here, yet they'll all be in line opening weekend.

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I'm glad we have "opinions". And thanks for coming off as one of the assholes of the internet. Did I ever say this was going to be amazing? Am I flipping out over the movie? I said it'd be fun times, stop acting like I kicked your dog.