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Thank God! I probably won't watch the Pooperbowl anyway but at least I won't have to risk seeing that SKANK naked!

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Nice attempt at propaganda. Two things we need to keep in mind. 1) MSNBC is a blatant tool of the Obama and "progressive" propaganda machine. 2) Believe exactly the OPPOSITE of what they tell you. in other words, th efix is in and the establishment wants Romney. Let's stop this now. No more McCain's.

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"Michael Woo, director of Got Green, a Seattle community organizing group focused on the environment and social justice." "Howard Greenwich, the policy director of Puget Sound Sage, an economic-justice group. " More evidence of why these programs don't work. They are the brainchild of neocommunists that have absolutely no concern about real people or real jobs.

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Obama is a muslim / muslim sympathizer. No doubt about it. He has shown that in his words and especially in his actions. Why should ANYONE believe this monster? It was predicted that the demise of America shall come from within. It happens to all great nations over the course of history. Let's stop this insane lunatic from destroying the USA any further.

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leftists will be leftists. Act like spoiled brats, little children, when they don't get their own way. Truly sad and another very good reason to expel liberals before they procreate.

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Islam is NOT compatible with American freedoms and liberty, period. Durbin the Turban needs to go.

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I guess you lack the ability to discern good from evil and right from wrong. You must be a Democrat.

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It is a world war and the future of the human race is at stake. The left wing and their media stooges have chosen the side of violent tyrannical intolerant backwards primitive murdering perverted religious fanatics. Whose side on you on?

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His only concern is to copy some of Reagan's style and rhetoric so he can impersonate him and continue to fool the people. Unfortunately, some fools will follow him anywhere no matter what and most of us already know what kind of evil liar he is. Ironic that he wouldn't read Reagan to actually LEARN something about how to govern America and conservative principles.