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Classic Zelda cycle.

New Zelda releases: "Worst Zelda ever! Previous Zelda game was WAY better. I miss that one, why didn't they make it like that???"...time passes....New Zelda releases: "Worst Zelda ever! Previous Zelda game was WAY better. I miss that one, why didn't they make it like that???"

And so on all the way back to Ocarina. That one was pure greatness from the get go.

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I can see a Direct happening sometime soon, sure. The end of the Fiscal Year is coming up quickly after all. Even though Nintendo is likely to post profits, big announcements help to wet the appetite of investors since they aren't just looking at what has made them money, but how they will continue to get money.

Not even gonna guess what they will show though...I thought for sure they would talk about Yoshi in the last one *shrug*

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It kind of looks like Strider but with the flair of a game you'd find on XBLA in its prime. Definitely keeping an eye on that.

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It's not about ease of use because other than potential resolution issues it is definitely easy to hook it up to your TV. People that use gaming PC's traditionally don't play local co-op. I'm not saying that Capcom is right to remove the feature, just that I've always found local co-op on PC strange.

As for the "lazy decision from a lazy company" comment....what? It actually took more effort to remove the feature than to include it since it is available on the other versions. I suggest you read this article before flat out dismissing a developer or company as lazy: http://kotaku.com/five-things-i-didn-t-get-about-...

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personally, I've always found that offline coop on PC is a little bit strange. PC stands for personal computer after all not group computer. If I want to play coop with a friend in person I will use a video game console not my computer.

even if I did care about local co op on PC, this wouldn't bother me that much since I'm not really interested in the game at all.

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Fun Fact:

Arkham Asylum: Rated T for Teen. Arkham City: Rated T for Teen. Arkham Knight: Rated M for Mature.

Why isn't it June yet? WHY?

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NIS has announced that they are bringing Rodea The Sky Soldier to the US and EU this fall. Both 3DS and Wii U versions too!

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The Target I work at got Toon Link and Sheik Amiibo in the mail while I was at work today. Needless to say, I now own both Toon Link and Sheik.

Still holding out for a second shipment of Majora N3DS's though. Almost caved on one today....maybe there'll be another LE that I really want like Xenoblade or something.

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Checked it, replied.

Edit: And sent a second reply because I apparently can't read

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Absolutely picking this up on PC. I recently bought Just Cause 2 again during a Steam Sale and I've been playing with mods. Being able to tether an enemy, to an enemy, to an enemy, to a helicopter....and then flying off is awesome in every way. I've already played through the game twice so it's not like the infinite ammo and health are ruining anything for me.

Can't wait for the wingsuit and the ability to blow up bridges and such. I've been a huge fan of the series since I picked up the first one on a whim way back when it first came out.