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Do just keep doing what you're doing Mynxee, all of you. In my eyes, CSM5 has been a real balance of honesty, realism, and demand—three qualities it has desperately needed. I think all the heat going around is simply a result of the pot finally being stirred. Regardless of what completed line-items come out of CSM5 in the long run, it's going to be a learning experience for everyone: CSM, the players, and especially CCP.

Stay fearless Mynx. :)

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I second Kirith's jealous rage.

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Nice report. Glad you guys are still hanging in there.

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I get you for sure. I think it would need to be some sort of sweeping change…but I wonder, does it really need to be complicated? Is it not just increasing the value of PVE drops in lowsec in order to make the risk worth the reward for PVEr's?

I'm not saying this is the answer. I honestly don't know. The reason I personally find lowsec rewarding enough to explore in is exactly the risk involved. It makes gameplay more interesting, more unexpected. I've explored high sec before.. and yeah, it's safe... way too fucking safe. I feel like I might as well be mining.

So I personally already see reward in lowsec flight, but monetarily speaking, it may not be as easy to justify. I wonder if the answer actually might be a simple metric change on some of those drops.

And yeah, you would call them "customers" wouldn't you… ;)

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Thanks for posting this. Holy shit. Seriously great job to those guys. Was really well done.

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Great to see all you guys flying together. If industry ever brings you down to Sinq Laison / Metropolis space, look me up. :)

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"It’s going to feel weird having boys in corp chat, though!"

Mynxee surrounded by admiring men? I couldn't imagine that... no sir...

/me looks at all the comments on this thread so far.

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Good for you Mynxee. I know first hand how demanding leading a corp (in my case it was a guild), building it from scratch, seeing it succeed and then sustaining that outlook for years is. Fucking tough, and an even tougher decision to leave it all.

I hope EVE begins to feel like a game for you again soon. Keep us up with it. :)

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Snipers are the way of the null sec alliances right now for sure. Ironic that the very day I could finally fit my sniper Brutix, I left Providence.

You gotta at least TRY to fight the pirate in you though, Shae. C'mon, you're not giving up that easy are you?


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