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We recently moved into a new apartment, and it actually took me a day or two for it to register that we no longer had a microwave at our disposal. We sold our last one after the 3rd apt in a row that came with one, and it didn't even occur to me that there wasn't a built-in unit here.

That said, we haven't missed it a bit.

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Ha! Alarm clocks, only for oldsters!

Except for the fact that I would have loved one today. It would have kept me from missing my flight.

-Just got a new phone
-Had a box fan on because it was hot as hell.
-Apparently the phone cuts off after 5 minutes by default. Even with 3 alarms going off for 5 minutes it didn't wake me up.
-I tested it this morning after missing the flight, nope... Can't hear it well at all over the fan.
-A real alarm clock would have no issue with something as silly as a box fan.

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I just read the article at

Freaking almost every plane crashed and killed someone eventually. Those guys were nuts!

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I went to the south, Alabama and Louisiana to see if I could find something good to post. All they seem to have down there is boards (wood), pets, and deer soup/chili recipes by some spammer that posts on every areas page. Oh well.

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put up wallpaper in my mom's bathroom just a couple of years ago, did a real shit job of it to (no idea what I was doing really, it was a best effort attempt.)

It made sense at the time, it was replacing other very old wallpaper, and was textured with a floral pattern (and then painted.)

Funny thing is, there is no way in hell I would consider wallpaper for my own place. Why not just paint?

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Ha, found the special label for it too. I never had anal leakage problems myself. Like everyone else we went out and bought the chips and had no complaints overall.

"This Product Contains Olestra. Olestra may cause abdominal cramping and loose stools. Olestra inhibits the absorption of some vitamins and other nutrients. Vitamins A, D, E, and K have been added."

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I remember the ads for this, because my home town of Grand Junction, CO was a test market for Olestra chips... It was a "big deal" as far as the local gossip went.

I even found an article from 1996 confirming it all! I love finding out for sure that something from way back when is true and I didn't just remember it wrong. I was only 12 in '96, so I Googled the fact to make sure.

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Didn't know there was such a thing as a civilian workplace that could "make" you shave. Ballsy of them just to ask IMHO. I would politely decline.

I don't grow a mean beard, but I do get lazy at least once a year and let it grow until my girlfriend gives me enough shit for me to shave. I prefer having a very short beard, maybe a 2 or so. Anything longer looks sloppy and anything shorter makes people comment on how thin it comes in.

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I go to a true Barbershop here in San Diego. Not only do they do a good job, they finish your neck with a straight razor, have free beer in the fridge and a great atmosphere overall. I have to have a regular guy or girl to cut my hair. I hate having someone do it that I don't trust to just do it right...

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You do the exact same thing as one of my co-workers. In fact, I never understood why he never got his hair cut until I just read what you wrote... It sounds exactly like his thought process.

If not for your mention of not shaving, I would be like "Charles, is that you?" right now haha.