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"Hey, Hey, You, You...Get into my car. I'm going to drive us out of this airplane. Buckle up Johnny, this could get bumpy."

So, the end of the movie is The End I assume?

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Highly positive. Cole, can you also tell us about the how much you love the Spice Girls movie as well? The innocence of Baby Spice and the break out role of Posh Spice. I do love sugar coated goodness. Yum.

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It's funny cause it's true!

I was at work when I watched this and after that first T-Rex I was laughing out loud. My co-workers think I'm looney anyway.

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I agree with Phil. The neighborhood I end up at for movie viewing can be a mixed bag, and in that bag tends to be the tweens or thuggies that don't give a shit if you say something to them. In fact, some of them are just waiting for you to say something so they can stare you down when you leave the theater. I'll definitely stand up to someone who is being a complete DB during the movie, but my Wife is the best. She can handle anyone in that theater, even the retard who brought their child to The Hangover (you must have been in my theater on that one Kevin, cause it was ridiculous to see).

I had to say something to the guy in front of me during The Watchmen, who thought it would be good to text during the first 10-15 minutes of the movie, along with a group of Tweens who snuck into the movie and went into the back row (where they always go) and began to play grab ass with each other.

Unfortunately, it is at the point where my Wife is already dreading going into a movie theater, because there is always one guy/gal in that theater who is going to annoy us during the movie. And they always seem to sit behind or directly in front of us, even in an empty theater. That's our luck.

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Glad you guys posted this. I thought it was pretty fun. I'm not too worried about the accuracy of the timeline, I just liked the concept of it all. Malcolm's suggestion about Star Wars would have been pretty funny on the timeline.


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Save me a seat. I heard it get's pretty crowded in there.

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Why are there lesbian scenes in movies? Because lesbians are awesome! Nothing like a girl on girl scene to keep Act II moving. When I write my first script and that Act II starts to get a little stale, I will be sure to add in some lesbo action, and then a car chase.

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The Empire Strikes Back is obviously the best "space" movie ever made. ;) But, The Last Starfighter was the first sci-fi movie I saw that had me wishing some alien would come and recruit me for my fierce talents at Tempest and the Star Wars video game. It could still happen, I'm not giving up hope yet.

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Thanks to mayh3m, Mary and scorchedgoat, I can keep my post short, since they wrapped up what I was thinking. Until this guy puts out anything remotely good, he can pretty much fall off the earth any time.

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This is pretty dead on. These are the exact order in which I check the movie blogs through the fabulous Google Reader (best tool on the net!!). Love Peter's site and have been an avid reader for years. FSR has some great humor in their posts, and now they have added a touch of sexuality (Beth!!). Great list, great sites. Can't wait for Comic-Con season.