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I am really starting to question breitbart's motives lately. After seeing his antics really mess up the public's view of the teaparty in the last election and this one, as well as this kind of manipulative bashing of some of our brightest candidates, i hope i am not the only one.

Andrew, we are not sure you are on the right side hun.

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An extension is totally normal. It does not mean Issa blinked. Save your outrage. Brietbart, you are losing your mind and I am getting a little worried about your radical turn. You speech at cpac was all over the place. You and Beck both are going over the edge and I think teapartiers should keep you both at arms length.

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Refinery technology is complicated and fairly proprietary. Iran cannot refine their oil and that pisses them off. Until now. Texas has some of the best refinery technology on the planet. Texas also has an international port that ships it out as it gets done so they do not have to have another pipeline to do that. Of course obama hates texas and America. Close keystone and let Iran close the strait cuts America off from both sides. No oil means higher prices. China gets the business. We get screwed.

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What a shame the authorities can figure out a lying accuser in this woman, and yet with Herman Cain no one had the balls to figure out if those women were lying.

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$5 Million in an offshore bank account can do wonders for your future...

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I have heard the marine may not have been hit by a police projectile. It may have been a bottle thrown by the protesters. Which makes sense because if he was hit by a tear gas can, where was the gas spewing out everywhere? I think the OWS folks are liars.

How much you want to bet there are illegals being paid to start violence, break windows, start fires, vandilize banks in the wallstreet protests?

It is coming out that there were PAID gang members in England that did the same thing. Paid to disperse through the crowd, start fist fights, break windows, burn trashcans etc. It is all about group-think and hearding or nudging the group into action. Sunstiene wrote papers on the cascade effect in order to achieve an agenda. They wont stop until the avalanche is achieved, and they have plenty of money to pay lots of people.

Van Jones is in control and he knows how to work a protest. Investigate Oakland occupiers. Investigate them all. Evil is at foot here.

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It's not political. This is his job, and he does it well. If you were the CEO of a corporation and it was on fire, would you be delegating those duties so you could do photo ops? He's never lost an election, and we are not stupid. He can manage the leadership of Texas to bring together the people to handle this. It is by no means him alone, and it is what makes him a great choice for president. He won't act like a king, like some dictators we know.

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We are right in the middle of a 20 mile circumfenc of fires, and while it does not look like we will get hit (protected by the lake so far), the smoke is horrible. It does not smell like a campfir it smells like garbage. I'm worried about my kid with lung issues. We are staying Inside with hepa filters running but we are not out of the woods yet. Basically ok, just being paranoid because it is what I do best. :)

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If you are so inclined...

Calling all Angels: Georgetown, Tx will be having a clothes drive for the 200+ Bastrop High School students who have lost their homes and all their clothes. Please drop donations between 10 a.m and 5 p.m Friday at Georgetown High School baseball field. This could easily be us. Let's impact some lives.

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Witness the fruits of their labor...

Ohio business owner terrorized and shot by union thugs. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/ohio-business-own...