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That really is lame. I never actually noticed that until SF mentioned it.

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Pssst, I didn't write this one. o:


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> Mawile has a masochistic foot fetish

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I realize that there's a fair variety of Water-types out there, and all of them function a little differently. That's what will make the search fun, though: I need to find a Water-type so perfectly balanced and versatile, that it can do almost anything, and do each bit of "everything" in a reasonable fashion.

Yeah, it sounds like a tough nail to pinpoint, but if I can do it with Water-types, then I can do it with pretty much any of them. Water-types, in general, are all about versatility and balance.

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"Using Poison-types? Oh, that is most unorthodox!"

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[youtube 7brUvEk-Mw4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7brUvEk-Mw4 youtube]

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1100% increase? Wow, I'm glad to see that the hype and promotion was really well-invested!

Kudos to the Hub! Hopefully the other networks aren't look at them as the newbie underdog team anymore. they mean business, with these statistics.

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I would've loved to post a Retaliate set, but that below average bulk and middling Speed without sun makes it a bit more of a risky and outclassed set compared to...Well, pretty much anything naturally faster than it, like Tauros, Ambipom, and Staraptor. I'll have to remember to post Retaliate sets on Normal-types most often though, because they're pretty useful!

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It's nothing to worry about. There's nothing overly harmful in this article, and we never get that many votes so fast, so it's obvious that was just blind trolling. We'll rate it 5 every once in a while and bring the rating back up to 4+!