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Adding to some of the benefits of the "begging:"

-The investors have a more personal investment in the game's quality rather than the sales, making Kickstarter the perfect platform for niche games. After all...why would you invest in a genetic Mario knockoff when you can just play Mario? It encourages successful games to have some distinctive qualities or at least put some kind of new spin on an old formula to be successful. It also lets people communicate with why they wouldn't want to invest (ex. Man, if Shantae did [feature] then I'd totally put money into it) and the developers can manipulate their rewards accordingly. Little to no stupid DLC here.

-Kickstarter combines the majority of the marketing expenses of the game (aside from the Kickstarter presentation) into revenue, cutting out a middleman, decreasing the expenses of the game, leaving more in the pockets of the developer, and a smaller expense on the player.

Of course, there are some absolutely stupid Kickstarters that still get funded and some little guys get overshadowed, but at least it gives you a far better chance than having to suck off some cash driven publisher to get your game out.

With the internet at your disposal, it's easier to get 1 dollar from 100 people than it is to get 100 dollars from 1 person. I'm actually quite sick of all the publishers trying to play hostage with game franchises, like the guys that get one to prevent others from taking advantage of them rather than releasing the games themselves, so I welcome any effective ways for developers to not be dependent!

I'd also love to see some kind of seizing take effect through crowd funding, though I can see it being much more difficult to pull off. I'll just use a random group as an Example, the dead or alive series.

Tecmo hits a bit of a financial snag, so they can bump off their franchise to a smaller developer, who in turn uses the crowd funding to assist Tecmo financially but still keep the games in effect, help get the new developer some profit and reputation, and of course, keep the players happy. I bet they can at least work some kind of deal with splitting the profit after the fact. Looking at Banjo-Kazooie, it's clear that franchises changing hands can be really harmful to the IP, but there's nothing that says we can't pull a reverse Banjo-Kazooie and pull struggling IPs up to more fitting developers, especially if so many publishers are just going to see them as nothing more than a means to some cash. All of those games are extremely intriguing sounding. I'm most familiar with Shantae through you of course, but it's great to be able to fund groups you care about without the groups you hate leeching off of them. That's all (most) of the successful publishers are--leeches.

Platinum grabbing Okami would be especially great, considering how many Clover members went to them after Capcom (stupidly) cut the cord with them. I'm with you. I want to see Capcom crash and burn, then let more crowdfunded groups or smaller groups grab the spoils. I'd love to see some badass investor take over companies and then destroy them just to do that. :D

Also, I see you're pretty stoked about CardCaptor! Glad to see your excitement!

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Thanks for the sentiment, mysterious stranger!

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Yeah. I love how much potential industry fuel there is from adsense, but in general, people just become so distanced from the world because of it.

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Glad to hear I didn't screw this up. This whole thing was a bit of catharsis, so anyone calling me out on it is getting forwarded right here.

I really respect that you made an effort to contact them. Small world. I'm actually considering t doing that myself even though I haven't monetized any of my videos, especially since Okami is coming soon. It'll still be nice to the developers, and no problems down the road if I do decide to monetize! I'm glad the system doesn't sound incredibly convoluted beyond actually having to take a bit of initiative.

Yeah, it's frustrating that there are so many cases of greed in the business world (even by Nintendo, to a degree, I'll admit) but we can amass such huge swarms of attention everywhere it DOESN'T need to be. Part of me likes to think that Nintendo did this right around the unveiling of smash brothers because they knew that any protestors would be total pansies and cave in.

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I think that's a pretty good connection you've got about Chell.

I've always seen the issue of people teetering on two extremes. The chick is either just a generic ostage girl that just acts as a flatr character to supplement others, or people try to overcompensate and overpower the characters like what i show here with Samus, because sexism.

In general, I at least thing it's worth looking at since writing is very much a reflection of the writer, and how writers as a whole portray various groups, and to be honest, I find trope based writing really boring. Characters define the archetypes, it should never be the other way around, and I think "feminist" is disliked a lot because it's devolved into a cheap archetype or overblown by feminist extremists, so i completely understand why there's so much contempt to the skewed feminism definitions.

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Just running a test on the Comment system here!

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I really need to try using him more in-game. Linoone has always been an oddly loveable one for me. I have a theory that if you give a linoone a fire stone, or have some starter fluid, you can turn it into a typhlosion.

Dat resemblance. Long lost brothers. Both of them are blessed with a gift that very few pokemon get, and even fewer can use well, yet neither of them stand out too much, nor or they extremely flexible in what they can do. Of course, that's just what bias for my favorite pokemon and what it does for me.

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I don't think your quest for the water type ambassador is going to go over as well as things did with Rapidash. Fire types are pretty damn limited in what they can do, and we haven't really pulled off a successful fire type wall or tank outside of ability or typing abuse, as shown with flash Fire and that assbag, Heatran.

When I think "fire type", I think, "kill everything in sight and try not to die," because that's unfortunately all most of them can practically do well. Poor guys like Torkoal and emboar get left in the dark because of this. Water types on the other hand, are much greater in number, as well as their function. Need a water type wall? Grab a milotic. Need some special sweeping? Pick up a starmie at the market. Need some kind of bulky tank thing? I dunno, Gastrodon? (My contract requires me to mention him in every possible instance, sorry)

It feels harder to nail down a water type since they aren't limited in practical functions the same way fire pokemon are. With the fire types, they all sweep, so an average sweeper like Rapidash can fit the bill pretty well. Water types feel like a totally different playing field since they can collectively fill just about any kind of role well.

So maybe you need a group of water pokemon for each role, or maybe find an all around water type that is pretty lovable in that regard? I don't know, just a guess. Tune in on another exciting episode of pokeproifles Z!

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I felt really awkward writing that when I saw Golduck in the blogger list.

I should point out that the only reason I mentioned him was because somebody actually said that to me on a chat; it wasn't something I just made up myself. (very little of that article was, unfortunately) This should differentiate how I feel on it:

"The idea of the facepalm doesn't come in the pokemon you use, but it comes from the idea that someone would consider themselves some profound battler because they use completely unorthodox movesets or pokemon...Also, don't forget to not judge a person's skills by just the pokemon they use, but how masterfully they command the tools at their disposal."

So I don't think saying golduck gives a giant bird (himself maybe?) to the OU environment is bad at all, since it's true if you can use cloud nine. The only time hipsters ruin it is when they act as if he's the only way, and that using weather teams automatically makes you a bad trainer. Just so that I'm not undermining anybody here, there you go! No need to feel awkward. Love the points made on the duck by the way.

He can at least have fun everywhere, be it in OU trolling weather teams, or in NU beating up Seviper:

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On three everyone, group Ohhh!

[youtube qWPwfQcPS5s&feature=related youtube]