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So, how did you come to like Gilda?

I was Game Mastering a game of Call of Cthulhu with humanized ponies in it, and I was basing it vaguely off of Stephen King's IT, where the Mane 6 had come from the town originally and had vowed to come back if anything went wrong, and something DID go wrong. But when they came back, they disappeared, and so the players went after them.

Gilda was the innkeeper. She was SO AWESOME. She may not be suited for Ponyville, but there's no one I'd rather have at my back to fight eldrich abominations.

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I'm a Gilda/Griffon fan, too. I'm pretty sure there's a substantial number of us. I could be wrong, though.

Oh, and don't bother following--I don't have anything worth following. But we should hang out sometime. Discuss griffon-y things. Like talons. And whether a talon is the digit or the whole arm/claw combo.

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Ok, seriously, please stop mixing animated comics with normal comics. Make a separate spotlight, lump them in with animation, give them their own post, I don't CARE. I'm just sick of clicking on what I think is a comic only to find, whoops, it's a video and I've missed half of it.

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An entire day. Dedicated. To worst pony.

*headdesk* You don't see me advocating Griffon day! Or Pinkie Pie Day! Can't we just let every day be all-pony day?

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"Celestia! It's not possible! Nopony's ever summoned her!"
"Is that because she's so rare?"
"No, it's because this game is so complicated; nopony could figure out how to do it."

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And Griffons! I feel so proud!

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Ok, I've got to say this. When I saw PinkiePieSwear and Alex S. were doing a song together, I fangasmed. Hard. I absolutely LOVE Flutter Wonder and Party With Pinkie.

But their collab song, "Disco Lights", is one of the most forgettable, bland, and downright irritating songs I've ever heard. It's the epitome of how to do trance/electronica/techno WRONG.

The song is full of screechy, high-pitched wails more suited to a dance club than my computer. The only lyrics are "Disco Lights", and they use exactly ONE LOOP the entire song. There's just nothing redeeming.

The dynamics are static. The song loops, and the loop is screechy and boring. It doesn't include any of the play on sound bytes that are what make their music special. Party With Pinkie included some GREAT beats and bass play, and PinkiePieSwear is WELL-KNOWN for having brief pensive moments amidst the frantic chaos. But this? The song SUCKS.

If that song's representative of the full album, count me out. God, I need to listen to something good. Where's Eurobeat Brony...


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Half-Life itself wasn't a mod. Neither was Left 4 Dead.

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So, are they digging in the wrong place, or is Rainbow going to learn how they say goodbye in Eq-Austria?

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I kinda thought she was the Ultimate Warrior...