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Will we still be able to give thumbs down to commenters that we don't like?

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It's important to note that during the time that Dion was leader the media portrayed Michael Ignatieff (rightly or wrongly) at the best of times as not entirely supportive of his leader and at the worst of times a schemer. I recall seeing footage of Ignatieff smirking while Dion was underperforming during question period. Ignatieff (and Rae for that matter) also kept his leadership campaign team intact so that it seemed like he was just preparing for Dion to fail so he could take over.

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I don't see what incentive the NDP has to merge with the Liberals.

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Well "bud", I guess you were right. LMAO

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It's interesting how Elections Canada is going out of its way to make sure that Liberal and NDP voters on university campuses are accomodated but that Conservative voters in senior homes are disenfranchised. This bias is quite troubling.

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You're right Iggy! That's exactly what I want. Too bad none of the parties are offering that...

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Andrew, I'm surprise to see you advocating voting for a party over an MP. But I'm pretty sure that deep down you are voting for the MP over the party since you live in Rosedale your choice is between voting for a no-name Conservative or voting for Bob Rae (a pretty respectable statesmen that you have showered praise on many occasions). So it's obvious why you are voting Liberal... but your column was pretty good nonetheless.

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I think the paragraph should begin - "as former leaders of disastrous NDP governments..."

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I'm surprised they are letting you sit at the grown up table.

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3rd place? The NDP is the fourth place party in Parliament.