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Right? What century is it?

I can see if, say, they were distributed on an as-requested basis. It's insanely wasteful that these things are just given to everybody regardless of need.

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Rasputin is my favorite of Northern California's regional record store chains (followed by Amoeba and Dimple). That place makes my checking account scream for mercy.

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"I get the sense that a lot of those family trees have a car wrapped around them."

That warranted a very hearty laugh. Good work.

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FWD muscle, under one of the best looking American car designs ever. I approve.

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While modern automatics are technically very good, the feel of a real manual can't be beat. It's more fun, even if a computer can shift faster and more accurately than I can.

...and in the meantime, with few exceptions, us proles tend to be shopping for cars where the manual is the superior transmission-- there are a lot of cars still using crap-ass old 4-speeds with PowerSap torque converters. In those cases, the manual is better, hands down.

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In lane changes at highway speeds, a lack of swiveling probably wouldn't matter, but the second you wanted to go around an intersection or parallel park, the tire scrub would probably put a massive amount of stress on the hub and trailer itself. having a suspended caster just makes the whole thing more maneuverable in tight turns.

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One of my goals when I rejoin the land of the <s>living</s> employed is to acquire/build either a single-wheel or teardrop for camping; either could be towed by my xB with little drama.

Needless to say, I never comment over here, but I have been enamored with single-wheel trailers for some time.

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So, I take it that the world has been relieved of a real estate agent?

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The combination of high-quality plastics and precision molding in each Lego brick makes them absolutely deadly.