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Put Him On!! Finally, a certified professional, shooting you straight!

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Also, people, PLEASE support HR 450 with your local Congressmen and women:

HR 450 ENUMERATED POWERS ACT (abstract): To require Congress to specify the source of authority under the United States Constitution for the enactment of laws, and for other purposes.

Introduced.Enumerated Powers Act - Requires each Act of Congress to contain a concise and definite statement of the constitutional authority relied upon for the enactment of each portion of that Act. Declares that failure to comply with this requirement shall give rise to a point of order in either chamber of Congress.

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The Polticizing of Public Service.

Now we will see a debate between the 'Republicans' and 'Democrats' forever in the future of what ways the government is going to control public service and volunteering. I can't wait to see these regulations and interventions.

We are officialy moving out of bottom-up society to a completely top-down society.

It's official, there is nothing the government can't get it's hands on.

It seems in an unconstituional society, the ends always justify the means. I'm still reading the constitution, trying to find new-found power in government. Anybody finds it, let me know

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Thank you, and either did I. Bush did not get my vote, neither did Obama.... and neither did McCain. :)

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People who don't prescribe to reason in this society are destined to fail. Government legislated reason is a contradiction in terms.... especially when one group benefits and another group pays.

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I posted two more comments, but the administrators never posted them. Essentially:

4. Justice is relative, and it's important that it's based on sound principles (such as those in the constitution) so that it is consistent.

5. Government is not in business of the status quo. If it were, it makes laws that can and does focus on one person or group of people, and that is the definition of arbitrary law. Unarbitrary law is one that can be universally and objectively applied to all people.

6. Government only guarantees equality in the eyes of the law. To create laws to create equality in the eyes of other men is Totalitarian in nature.... where do you stop? Freedom is being able to disagree and even criticize your neighbor-- even irrationally and impulsively and yes, stereotypically. So long as you don't infringe on your neighbor's freedom or use force to compel your neighbor, you have not the force of law. Refer to #1 above. This sets Reason up for success for individuals willing to use it.

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I actually liked him for bashing Theodorre. History books have painted him as a charismatic hero. Now I'm no expert about Theodorre, but charleydan was speaking my mind below. He was a progressive that diverged from the classical liberal mentality (modern conservative.... and conservative of the time.... not to be confused with Republican).

He expanded the powers of government dramatically with a loose interpretation of the Constitution. This loose interpretation of the Constitution led to the New Deal and other 'progressive' centralizing of power which has set the standard for the century in many ways.

Whether or not the country was economically/socially/domestically successful or not during the period is inconsequential. We always digress out of the periods of boom to a bust period, and T.R. left a progressively expansive government that set a precedent for the future

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I think, honestly, Obama may be able to do a lot of positive things during his office, on the surface. It's the redifining of our American values/principles (not to be confused with the 9 beck lists), the compromise of liberties, and the expansion of central power and central planning that worry me for the decades to come.

Again, it's not empowering Obama I'm necessary worried about.... it's about also empowering every incompetent politician of our future that will fill his shoes, and the seats of Congress

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4) Government isn't in the business of status quo... it is in the business of universal, objective application of law. When the law addresses the status quo, it becomes arbitrary. (I'm pretty sure the economy wasn't supposed to be based on 4/8 year cycles... that because one president had the power to propel our economy is just as bad in its implications as is a president who has the power to suppress our economy.

5) Government guarantees equality in the eyes of the law, not in the eyes of other men via law. Socialism attempts to create equality in the eyes of other men through law. Refer to #1 or your history books if you want to learn about the human element. This is not to say I oppose tolerance, understanding, empathy.... a study of human rights in history have shown me that these virtues were achieved through individual thinking... a digression from the collective mentality. Freedom of the individual.


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Some people have listed things that he (Obama and democrats) has done and is currently doing. Bush is even more guilty during his 8 years of policies that did nothing for the cause of freedom and liberty.

Some things you have to realize is
1) People are imperfect

2) government is not a mystical entity, it is force made up of imperfect people no different from you or me. This is a double-edges sword... issue and policies can be reached relatively efficiently in the short-term with an infinitely powerful governmet, and much faster than freedom (or the free-market) can address an issue. But in the long-term it always proves detrimental in monetary costs and costs to liberty.

3) Morality is not to be legislated. The American Morality is the one the protects the individual choice or morality, so long as it doesn't impose or violate other people.

MORE BELOW (I hate the word limit)