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Charles I understand your zeal for christianity. However anyone can put together a number of quotes to back up what they say. The fact is that our founding fathers did believe in our divine god given rights. Furthermore God and in particular Christianity did play an important role in our country's founding. While they did not intend for God to be removed from government they also intended religion NOT to be part of the government. There is a distinct difference between the two. Our forefathers wanted to recognize God and what he has given us but they also wanted to allow people to worship in their own way and of their own accord. Benjamin Franklin put it best " God is certainly a perfect being but the institution of religion in imperfect for it is created by imperfect beings.... men". I hope you digest this before you answer.

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I think we need to address some fumdamentals that the constitution does not. First we need to post term limits to all offices and judiciaries, including federal judges and the supreme court. Second an amendment to our constitution regarding life and when it begins, so that we can finally arrest the abortion issue. Third our country must develop laws pertaining to constitutional interpretation, this will effectively stop legislation fron the bench. Fourth end public schools, essentially our country survived 160 years without them. Put the control of education on a state and local level. Fifth, pass a constitutional amendment retsricting the president's ability to rule by executive order. If one looks a lot of our issues are dealt with that way. Finally rewrite our tax code to a fair tax basis with three levels of flat tax, no write offs or loopholes. Everyone pays not just some people and no corporate taxes because let's face it tose are ultimately passed on to the consumer. As for the levels of taxation I say if you make less than $20,000 single/ $40,000 household you pay 7%; $50,000 single/ $100,000 household you pay 15% $125,000 single/ $250,000 household you pay 25%.