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Agreed- I'd take #30 "before" every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

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Awww. I scrolled down to these comments JUST to see how far I could get before the first knee-jerk, dumbass fucking statement about this photo was made. Congratulations, funny guy.

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#18 sweet goddamn.

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Hell yeah dude.

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I've got one for all four of 'em. Just gmme 15 minutes between each one.

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She's incredible. Joe Kinsey, it's cool that you don't like women- but dial it back on the name calling and sneering judgement. The female body is obviously not your area of interest or expertise- but most men like breasts and overall softness. The angular, emaciated look of most runway models is not for sex-appeal. They're living coathangers for designer clothes.

In any case, I'm not surprised that her boobs are too big "for your comfort". God knows what your comfort level would be around an actual vagina.

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Can we declare a moratorium on presidential/political posts? I actually enjoy them, but not at the expense of feeding the right-wing troll community. These things seem to draw them out like a poultice.

So much confused, ignorant, ill-informed hate. But that's the internet, I guess. Anonymous idiocy on fuckin' parade.

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#12 This is fucking horrifying.

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As opposed to dying from hanging out so long NOT waiting for a doctor because they had no insurance?

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Yeah it's gonna suck having universal access to healthcare and a functioning automobile industry.

We should really be cutting Papa John's taxes. For freedumz.

Sorry your guy lost. Buck up, friend.