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Good luck tomorrow. I'll be pulling for the Phillies!

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Wow, the Phillies have absolutely owned the Nationals this year.

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Yeah, the Phillies all but have this division wrapped up. I don't really see an opponent in the NL that challenge them in the post-season either, save MAYBE the Cardinals. I predict the Phillies breeze through the first 2 rounds of the post-season like they did last year.

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Looking forward to the upcoming series.

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The Braves are awful.

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The Phillies draft 2 raw, athletic, toolsy outfielders. Who would've thought? Haha, seriously, those picks could end up being very good. You should be excited about them. I'm, well, less than excited about the Braves' day 1.

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I'm glad to hear that Hamels refrained from masturbating on the mound (haha). In all seriousness, heck of a game. Especially against that line-up. Manny or not.

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Horrible news, he's out for the season. At least it's Myers and not Hamels, but this is terrible news for the Phillies and Brett Myers. I hope his surgery goes well and I hope Amaro Jr. acquires another pitcher to make you competitive. If not, Carrasco can't struggle in AAA forever, he'll start dealing and could be an option to replace Myers. Happ's always there too.

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Nice win over the Yanks. The NL East put a hurtin' on the mighty AL East last night.

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And yeah, that game was incredible. A taste of October baseball in May. Best I've seen all year. Phuck the Fillies by the way.