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That comment is for 5-6 years ago, sir. I don't know why it showed up on this article!

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Same goofs that are making fun of Punk for losing his first UFC fight will do a 180 if he wins the second fight. Same people will also wet their pants if he showed up on WWE programming. You guys have issues.

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It was awesome seeing Christian for a few minutes on RAW again!

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This is legit the only time that I will be okay with a Wrestlemania rematch! And that is if Taker comes back to destroy Roman! I have been so bitter about Taker's match at WM that I have barely followed the WWE since.

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In Wyatt's defense, it is quite difficult to get there if you have lost every single feud in your career since you've joined the main roster.

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I'm glad I haven't been around here for sometime to understand the hate for Enzo, but for the first time in a really long time Enzo made me tune in and actually care about an angle.

Also, I seriously doubt that if he had serious heat, WWE would give him a Championship title and the main event of RAW. I think they know about the dirtsheets posting articles on Enzo and they are using that to get more viewers. If he had heat, they would treat him like they did Corbin. Beat downs don't equal heat. It's just fun to watch him get beat down and it makes the whole "burial" angle seem real.

Enzo is one of the strongest guys on the mic and he is super charismatic. I will be tuning in next week to watch RAW because of Enzo. Well done, WWE!

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Exactly. I'm not even quite sure if Corbin is going to make a solid US Champion. He is way too green to be a WWE Champion. Maybe it's just me, but he does nothing for me. He's been booked great but I don't see anything in him that screams WWE Champion.

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That's actually a decent idea, considering the fact that coincidentally Kurt Angle defeated an Iranian wrestler in the Olympic finals due to multiple mistakes from the referee. They can easily play that to the story line to add more heat and realness to it.

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I'm trying so hard not to sound like a hater, but it seems like another legend is coming back to fight his last match(es) with Triple H. So this is basically going to be Kurt Angle (w/ Dixie) vs. Triple H (w/ Stephanie) and we all know there is no way in hell that Triple H is losing that match.

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Enzo will be just fine without Cass. Cass will get that monster push that eventually goes nowhere, because at this point Cass is nothing without Enzo. Wait a few months and watch him show that he has no personality to back up his size with.

The Enzo/Cass duo should've gone longer than this. They should've became tag champs, and turned heel as well. But WWE rushed into pushing Cass and he is not ready. He's the one getting a push that he's not ready for, so he'll be the one that gets hurt the most.

I see Enzo being more successful in the long run. Because he is THE only reason that anyone ever cared for Cass in the first place.