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Forget about WWE being hypocritical for a second.

But what you're saying is, basically, "It is absolutely okay to be ignorant, racist, and call black people the n word, as long as you're not doing it publicly."

You are ALWAYS responsible for what you do and what you say. Whether it is being said in front of a camera crew, or at home in front of a random person that is not recording you. I don't remember being racist at home, in my alone time, or in front of other people.

Don't bring that ignorant sh-t over here to LOP! The guy made a mistake and he paid for it. He deserved it. He learned from his mistake. You don't need to come up with excuses to defend a racist rant.

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Obviously they're not gonna fire him. He's getting reactions. They are going to treat him exactly like Cena. They will just keep pushing him and have him beat everyone, have the fans hate him for years and years until the fans get tired of hating him.

I remember how the comments were back in 2006-2013. People legit hated Cena. Now every time we have a post about Cena we get that cliche comment "I really like Cena. He's worked his butt off for the past 10 years. He's a great guy in real life." Watch the same happen for Roman.

WWE knows the fans.

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While I do not agree with death threats and I do believe that my people are over reacting, what Shawn and Ariya did was an absolute embarrassment. Because the war between Iran and Saudi Arabia is not just a twitter war. People have lost lives at the borders. Men and women have been raped and embarrassed at the Saudi airports, and Saudi Arabia has been threatening to attack any country in the region that supports Iran. On the other hand, Iranians have attacked the Saudi embassy and have disrespected them.

This angle didn't need to happen. But it did, and the reason is; the Saudi's paid millions of dollars to have this segment on live TV. WWE is very careful, but they probably did not have the political knowledge to know what is actually going on. I don't think WWE did it for the money. They don't need it. However, Iranians cannot believe that these two brothers (Iranians that can barely speak the language) were willing to do this segment.

I do agree, Iranians need to relax! However, this was definitely a slap in the face from the Daivari's.

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That comment is for 5-6 years ago, sir. I don't know why it showed up on this article!

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Same goofs that are making fun of Punk for losing his first UFC fight will do a 180 if he wins the second fight. Same people will also wet their pants if he showed up on WWE programming. You guys have issues.

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It was awesome seeing Christian for a few minutes on RAW again!

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This is legit the only time that I will be okay with a Wrestlemania rematch! And that is if Taker comes back to destroy Roman! I have been so bitter about Taker's match at WM that I have barely followed the WWE since.

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In Wyatt's defense, it is quite difficult to get there if you have lost every single feud in your career since you've joined the main roster.

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I'm glad I haven't been around here for sometime to understand the hate for Enzo, but for the first time in a really long time Enzo made me tune in and actually care about an angle.

Also, I seriously doubt that if he had serious heat, WWE would give him a Championship title and the main event of RAW. I think they know about the dirtsheets posting articles on Enzo and they are using that to get more viewers. If he had heat, they would treat him like they did Corbin. Beat downs don't equal heat. It's just fun to watch him get beat down and it makes the whole "burial" angle seem real.

Enzo is one of the strongest guys on the mic and he is super charismatic. I will be tuning in next week to watch RAW because of Enzo. Well done, WWE!

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Exactly. I'm not even quite sure if Corbin is going to make a solid US Champion. He is way too green to be a WWE Champion. Maybe it's just me, but he does nothing for me. He's been booked great but I don't see anything in him that screams WWE Champion.