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Your piece was amazing, Renee. And that pushback was just...well, I think it did more to make your point than I could have envisioned. It was sad to see so many ignorant comments from so many people who refused to get it while no one took Latoya's points to heart.

I have your back love. You speak the truth there, hon. I know all too well that there is no room for some (after all, I know the sting of Cecilia's words, I am an invisible body in the world as well). But I need to leave now, b/c this thread isn't safe for me. But you, love, are made of awesome.

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This week I wrote about feeling left out of discussions on race, being constantly told which one I belong to, or finding the conversation forced one way or another, leaving bodies like mine left out in Wopajo.

I also wrote about how we don't take the words of people we deem "crazy" seriously, in The Importance of Being Bellatrix Lestrange.

Also, congrats on The Guardian piece! I loved it and am so proud of your work, lady!

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I thought to myself, "Self, how will I ever weigh in on this Canukistanian V. US-ian Bacon throwdown?"...even Spam can not inspire me to choose a side, being the breakfast meat of choice more often than not (it is cheaper than both bacons, and fries up all tasty -- sue me, we lived in Hawai'i for years!). Well, Self and The Guy teamed up to solve this one...

Samgyeopsal. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, wrapped in lettuce, eaten alone, with whole cloves of garlic or not, grilled on the table in front of you, with kimchi or without, tasty as anything. OM NOM NOM!
Seriously, peeps. Visit South Korea, and all of this "Canada!" "U.S.A.!" crap will be put to rest on most issues. I swear it is true.

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All over the internets, I am:

For Cereal, Stars and Stripes? about ableism in a headline.

Let's Talk About Lt. Dan Choi is well...self explanatory.

An Action Item to Stop the Deportation of Immigrant Military Veterans

WASPs Receive Congressional Gold Medal of Honor is up at Change.org Women's Right's blog, honoring their service after sixty years.

Judge Sentences Abuse Suspect to Marry His Alleged Victim a judge gets a case thrown out by marrying the defendant and the victim in his chambers.

Finally, Lesbian Sergeant Outed by Police and Discharged Under DADT.

Thanks Renee. You are the best.

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Thank you! :D

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Hey thanks for the link love! I appreciate that!

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This was my class song when I graduated (oy! I just dated myself!), but it also has the emotional trigger of reminding me of the friend who committed suicide that same year in front of our school. It is difficult for me to separate those two things, really. I love this song, but it brings up such a mashing of emotions. Thanks for posting.

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OMCC Renee that part gets me every time as well, too! LOL!

I don't know, I like too many movies...

I just saw Highlander for the first time, so I have "There can only be ONE" in my head...

Men in Tights had so many good ones. "A Jew? Here", or "Did you say 'Abe Lincoln'?". Heh.

I am sure there are more, but I watch so many bad movies that I could fill up a good amount of space doing it...but I think you win, Renee.

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I have nothing else to say.

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The only figurine I have of a Santa Clause is this adorable candle holder that is a black Santa. I don't really like Christmas decor, but for some reason he was endearing to me. This makes no point really...

Anyhow...I remember once at a party a woman was talking about trying to find someone to dress up as Santa for the kids as the daycares (an active duty person), and that she had a couple of voluteers, but they were all black and that she thought it was just too confusing to the kids to have a black Santa. I asked her why, and she gave me some tired line about Santa just always being white. I told her that didn't make any sense and removed myself from the party shortly after. I am not that desperate to make friends.