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OcamposMoon Plays Secret of Mana

Part 4: Impending Disaster (2)

The Elder's relieved that Hero's not hurt, and Elliott's shocked that he's alive. Timothy thought it was a bad idea to bring Hero along.

Elder calls them out for going into the forest...and notices Hero's sword.

Oh god...

Timothy and Elliott cheer excitedly at seeing Hero get the sword.

The Elder is not too happy though...

sword mana pulled out

Elder: "It's impossible!"

Timothy changes his tune, saying that the Mana Sword has doomed the village, but, the Elder jumps in, saying that it's only a bad omen if the sword's removed! What have we done?

The Elder retells the story about the Mana Sword.

story mana sword

Elliott now realizes why the monsters, or the Rabites, are running amuck!

What have we done? :(

The Hero shakes his head in denial, he can't believe it...

Elliott starts shoving Hero. No... :(

He chases him...

Now there's more shaking and rumbling going on...

And the ground falls below Hero and Elliott!

fall into hole

The knight comes out of the bar...a bit too late to save them.

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OcamposMoon Plays Secret of Mana

Part 4: Impending Disaster (1)

som intro

I let the intro that I accidentally skipped in my last session play out...the music sounds so nice and calm.

This time, the cursor's now on the Game File option.

I check out the inn before heading into the bar, where the so-called "scary-looking stranger" is.

The green-haired woman's wondering about the "scary-looking stranger" as well.


I keep forgetting that the B button is the action button, not the A button.

The bartender's like the innkeeper, dancing the day away.

He mentions to Hero about Elliott looking pale...I'm betting Elliott's worried about Hero, or is afraid of getting into trouble, or both.

I talk to the "knight" at the bar. He's a wellspring of conversation.

knight silent

While going around the village, I see the Elder facing Timothy and Elliott...*gulp*

I have Hero head into one of the houses west, where the woman there tells him to stop playing around with the sword...

I have Hero go into the item shop, where the shopkeeper (another dancing one) thinks I'm doing an errand for the Elder.

The wares are Candy, a pair of Overalls, a Medical Herb, a Cup of Wishes, and a Bandanna.

I buy some Overalls, and a Medical Herb, and sell some Candy.

I notice the man at the southeast gate, and he mentions that monsters are near the village!

Now it's time to face the Elder...


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Thanks! Hopefully, I’ll try not to go into too much detail, especially when it comes to battles.

As for the main character’s canon name, yes, but can you cipher it, please?

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OcamposMoon Plays Secret of Mana

Part 3: Road to the Village (2)

I head west, where two Rabites are! Another critical hit at one Rabite!

I have Hero read the sign nearby:

forbidden forest

More Rabites across the bridge!

After taking care of a few Rabites, Hero levels up!

I wonder what bonuses I get in this game? More HP, yes, and Hero heals fully too!

Three Rabites from the south now, and I get a chest of Candy!

A few battles later, I cross another bridge east, and I'm now at the village!

Now let's see if I can find a save point here...

village ent

The music sounds nice...

I talk to the first person I see: an elderly woman. She mentions a light going up to the sky near the falls, and says a George Lucas trademark line.

Unfortunately, the Elder is looking for Hero. Oh boy... :(

Another villager with a cat-eared hat mentions a scary-looking stranger in the bar.

I head to the inn, where the innkeeper does a dance.

funny dance

But he does his job, and asks if I wants to stay the night. I say no, but I can save the game, which I do!

I double check to see if my file's recorded...it is!

Well, that was a good start to the game!

Aside: By the way, is everyone okay with how the liveblog of this game is going so far? I felt like the previous one felt a bit long-winded since I was almost getting a bit bored, and that's why I'm asking now.

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OcamposMoon Plays Secret of Mana

Part 3: Road to the Village (1)

Now we see our first monster: the cute Rabite. Hero's wondering why a Rabite's around the falls. I'm thinking they're there to test the Hero.


I take care of him immediately, and I notice the music's changed! It sounds ethereal, with a woodsy feel.

But, my PS3 controller runs out of power (fglksjnksvnjhsbdfvnernkajnkrgvaekjdf) and I resort to using my keyboard to move around Hero.

These monsters can defend themselves too, huh?

I head northward.

These Rabites can pack a mean punch if I'm not careful!

I score a critical hit on the third Rabite I see!

I notice when Hero's stamina is lower than 100, his attack's a bit lower too...

I'm getting hit a lot here!

One of the Rabites drop a chest, but before figuring out how to open it, I'm getting attacked!

After taking care of the cute, yet dangerous Rabite, my Hero's sword levels up to 1! So the sword level starts at 0, huh?

Using the attack button, Hero shakes and jiggles the chest around and gets...Candy!

I wonder if I can use this for something...it might be a healing item...

Another Rabite interrupts my thinking time, and I take care of him!

I open the next dropped chest: 4 gold pieces!

4 gp


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OcamposMoon Plays Secret of Mana

Part 2: Hero and the Sword (2)

bright light again

Hero: "Who are you...?"

He's asking the right questions.

Hero yanks the sword out, and a bright light shines...


Who is this person? He says that he told Hero to remove the sword.

The light shines brightly again, and another encircling aura shines around the Hero, and I can now see Hero's HP, and a gauge below!

I can now attack, and with the Y button, or triangle, I can see the equipment Hero has on hand!

A Rusty Sword is all he has.

Hero states that he can cut through shrubs with the sword now! Let's see it in action!

I try practicing with the controls cutting the shrubs and grass. So I have like a stamina meter below Hero's health display.

With nothing of value found yet, I head to the road east to the village after a while.

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OcamposMoon Plays Secret of Mana

Part 2: Hero and the Sword (1)

Now he has to find a way back up, and I now have control of Hero! So the A button, or the circle button, is a dash button, but I can only use it once as my character flashes when I do it. After a tiny beep is heard, I can use it again.

No menu to access, no jumping. I can only move.

Though the current of the falls is somewhat guiding me, I make it to solid ground.

grass falls

The scenery looks so pretty.

A flash of light, and someone calls Hero by name...

I check the tall grass again. Nothing there.

I have Hero head south.

The white light, and the voice calls again...

I have Hero cross the log bridge, and see a sword lodged on a rock surrounded by water. This feels like the King Arthur legend all over again...

sword in stone

I'm a bit stuck, since a shrub's blocking the way, but I get out.

However, the way to the village is planted with shrubs.


Maybe that sword should work...

I press B, or the x button, and the white light guides us again to take out the sword. This feels really suspicious...


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OcamposMoon Plays Secret of Mana

Part 1: In the Beginning.../Prologue

Okay, let's get started with this game!

title screen secret of mana

The intro music sounds pretty nice...but I accidentally skip ahead...

...and now I'm in the menu screen, and I can't move my cursor for some reason. I can press B, or the cross button, though. Maybe it's because I haven't saved anything yet.

Now what should I name my character?

I'm not very good with names, so I'll stick with Hero.

Now the real game begins...


"Using the power of Mana, a civilization had grown strong...In time, Mana was used to create the ultimate weapon: the Mana Fortress."

A Mana Fortress...uh oh...

"This angered the gods. They sent their beasts to destroy the Fortress. A violent war rocked the world, and Mana seemed to disappear. Before all was lost, a hero with the Mana Sword smashed the fortress into pieces..."

And time moves on, Manaless, according to the narration.

"But time flows like a river...and history repeats."

That's not a good sign...

Whoa, nice Mode 7 graphics!

mode 7 whoa

But, where am I being sent to?

So here's the Hero, crossing a large log before a waterfall telling his two friends, Timothy and Elliott, that their Elder might be mad at them if they're caught sneaking out to where they're going.

So what is the place they're going to?

A ghost!? Timothy thinks that's meant to scare them.

But Elliott mentions his grandma seeing something shiny near the falls, and the threesome are off to find this "shiny" treasure.

Oh my god, the Hero slipped and fell!

Lucky he's okay!

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Okay, now that I'm finished with Super Mario RPG, I can now move on to my second game down the list, and that game is...

som cover

Secret of Mana (or Legend of the Sacred Sword 2)!

For this liveblog, just to keep things interesting, I'm planning to liveblog another game next week, sort of similar to how Double Features works, I think. Then I'll go back to liveblogging Mana the week after, and do a weekly back-and-forth between the two games. I'll explain the details of the second game next week.

For this game, since it's my first time through this, spoilers orlbaq gur znva punenpgre trggvat gur fjbeq are not allowed. Guides and help (non-spoilery) are also acceptable.

So the things I know about this game are:
That I remember knowing about this game from arctic_hare's tumblr blog, and that's what got me a bit interested in the game.
That there's a remake for the PS4 and PSP coming in February. No spoilers for that one too, please.
That this was released around 1993 (I remember posting a History post mentioning this game while Mark was still watching both Star Treks TNG and DS9).
Gung gur vageb zhfvp tvirf zr gur puvyyf.
Gur tnzrcynl vf n ovg fvzvyne gb nabgure Znan tnzr V cynlrq ynfg lrne: Fjbeq bs Znan. V arire tbg gb svavfu gung bar, gubhtu.

For this playthrough, like Super Mario RPG, I'll be playing this game on an SNES emulator using the Raspberry Pi.

Now that that's done, let's get this game started!