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I am so proud right now. I'm a Garfield grad from the late 60s. They were always tops in music, and in sports. Way to go Bulldogs!

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I love the San Juans! One needs to make reservations at this time of year (or before) for summer stays at the best places there. Thanks for this news.

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Whoa! These are excellent deals! The San Juans are absolutely beautiful, peaceful and pristine. I recommend vacations there... I've been doing it for 15 years.

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So glad Rossi has a job in the greedy real estate business. Suits him just fine. He even looks the part!

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You know, the research shows that kids who kill their parents are almost 100% of the time responding to severe, ongoing abuse by the parent. Let's step back a little and wait until we hear what the circumstances were. Perhaps the finger of blame would more rationally go to the local social services agencies for perhaps not responding to issues in the family. 12 year olds don't just pick up guns and shoot their fathers for no reason. And yes, I also have to ask... where did the child get the gun? If the gun came from the home, why wasn't it safely locked up? Let's wait and see. No doubt there was some very serious dysfunction going on in this home and this child's life.

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I often shop at Grocery Outlet (once or twice a month), and I enjoy an upper-middle-class income. I find it is a great place for non-animal-tested cosmetic type things like hand lotion, face cream and shampoo, and also a great place to find organic choices of canned goods, pasta, etc. There's always a pleasant surprise or two each time I go. For example, I recently found very good quality pet beds for $7.99 and bought quite a few for my local feral cat shelter. Give it a try! You'll be surprised!

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Well ChrisH and everybody who thinks we can just somehow "intervene" in the Italian justice system... get a clue please! First of all, they are a sovereign country and we cannot simply somehow take over their trials!! (unlike what we did in Iraq)... second... you might want to check the facts about how many U.S. citizens are held IN JAIL awaiting their own trial conclusions!!! At least HALF the people in our jails are there BEFORE or DURING their own trials.

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The police could get the phone company to turn the phone back on temporarily and they could track it that way.

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This is such a deeply sad situation. I hope this woman has access to a good counselor and strong support from family and friends.

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"Just" another of the 4 women a day, on average, who are killed by their domestic partners in the U.S. It's an epidemic.