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Liberal hack.

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I don't believe it. But, if it's true, we have to do what Andrew would want. Fight Harder. RIP BB.

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A**holes, the lot of them.

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I hope they succeed. Obama has an approval rating of 43% with 50% disapproval according to Gallup today. So, if they give Rick the momentum going into Super Tuesday, this WILL be a race between the Conservative American and the liberal socialist. Obama is scared to death of that. He wants to run against the 1% and RomneyCare. They can't make 2 or 3 social wedge issues last for 4 months.

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Christian version of shari'a? Adultery punishable by death? Stealing punishable by severing hands? Honor killings of women because of not wearing a potato sack over your whole body with two little holes cut out for their eyes? The best thing that could happen to this country would be a Christian-centered government. We used to have that. And, then they [libs/communists] showed up.

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What, exactly, is it that I believe or would implement as a Conservative Republican that would inevitably lead to the deaths of millions of women? You guys are the ones trying to abort as many future women as possible. What would I do, make you buy your own condoms? What a shill.

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This is an appeal for Reagan democrats. A key voting block if we intend on beating Obama. This was not a negative or underhanded tactic. And, Mitt's one to be talking about dirty tricks. He's the only candidate that consistently and methodically smeared every (and I do mean EVERY) candidate once they passed him in the polls. All except, Paul. And, we know what's going on there.

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If this joke of a pol is terrified, I'm elated! Go RICK!

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No way.