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Here is a video, "Apologists for Evil", in which Pat Condell, who used to be a voter of Labor, sums up the current situation:

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A good strategy would be for Israel to suggest implementing the worst kind of Sharia for Gazans. Maybe then things will move in the other direction.

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Wouldn't this be the role of the UN, to uphold Human Rights? What a joke this institution is - the same as the League of Nations, the laughing stock of Hitler and the Nazis!

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It would have been a lot easier for the all-knowing God to prevent the existance of the barbaric IRI in the first place; i.e. make Khomeini die of a stroke before 1978. He didn't. That means he is either evil (like Allah) or doesn't exist.

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Reagan was a president who helped free many countries, including mine, through his actions. During his presidency, America was a respected country by friends and feared by foes. I hope that another man so devoted to freedom will rise once again, because the world desperately needs him: if you check out the Freedom House map, you will see that freedom indexes have gone rather towards "not free" lately.

He would have said about Mecca: "Muslims, if you are truly serious about peace, freedom, and friendship with us, OPEN this city!"; About Niqabs: "Tear down these personal walls!".

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In Mathematics and Logic, you only have to find ONE (!) counter-example in order to disprove a theory. We found a counter-example to your claim that the Qur'an is peaceful. It follows that the Qur'an is not peaceful in its entirety.

This means that some believers, sooner or later, will be bound to follow the unpeaceful verses. A God that enables such a thing to happen is a cruel, evil being... unless of course he was made up by Mo to help fulfill his worldly desires, which I think is more likely to be the case.

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Until one of them wins, yes. After that, maybe not so much...

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Yes, but A. is before B.

Though it would be awesome if, in the spirit of Mo, they made a law abrogating former articles in case they contradict the latter.But that's very unlikely...

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The question is, are those deadlines set before or after Iran has nukes?

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Maybe he thinks we use the word "kaffir" with the South African meaning, instead of the Arabic one?