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curb extensions for sundancer ...
We live a block from Alpine and 5th, and we've been here 19 years. That intersection has N-S stop signs, but none E-W. Locals have been asking for a 4-way stop for two decades that I am aware of. There's a weekly T-bone there.
The city has claimed that this is unavoidable as E. 5th is considered to be an "ambulance run", meaning its the fast track between Lashley and Pace. The trouble with this explanation is that Rocky Mtn Elementary is on E. 5th. State traffic law makes it illegal to travel at excessive speeds through a school zone, no matter what hour of the day or night. This law includes emergency vehicles, unless the destination is the school.
Recently the city installed curb extensions on Alpine at 5th. The first result was a roll-over. Wheels hit curb at high speed, flip.
Meanwhile the traffic dept is having an attaboy backslapping party. Simply ignore the evidence that curb extensions don't do diddly, except to cause more accidents.
A 4 way stop? No way, can't be done, it's an ambulance run.

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I like your thinking. Columbine Elementary is in between 6th & Longs Peak, on the east side of the tracks. On the west side of the tracks is Collyer Park. There's a stream of kids on foot crossing where there are no gates. SVVSD (Haddad and crew) ought to be able to find the spare change to gate those two crossings for the safety of the kids.
Let me join you in playing the kiddie kard - for it is well deserved in this instance.

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News reporters honor a sense of anonymity of judges. This can be helpful in gaining access to the court.
It's a back room unsaid policy. Newspapers are private corporations, and complicit in opacity of their own choosing.

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Along with the many gun laws, various state and federal agencies were tasked (by law) to create and manage databases of people and guns in an effort to keep them separate. Not criminals and guns, but people and guns. Every person with a gun is a potential criminal, so the systems are tasked to gather all information.
As with other databases managed by law enforcement, these are not just flawed, but ultimately kept secret. When discovered by false accusations, arrest, and even death of innocents at the hands of police - we have family disruptions followed by lawsuits. These suits are gaining steam, while the data is getting weaker. The BATFE continues to hold data that was supposed to be removed by court order.
In the same way that the laws are not being enforced, we have federal enforcement agencies ignoring court orders. So we have a database of muck. This stuff is not helpful to law enforcement. With piles of bogus information it is difficult to track stolen guns and criminals who have been caught with them. Too many trees in the forest.

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So the actual figure awarded to Harber is $472K.
Erie is millions in debt. Could this point to the reasons why?

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Jennifer Churchill, not mentioned in this article, will in all likelihood be the person who pulls the trigger.
Moderators: Before deleting this comment as a personal attack, Ms. Churchill has chosen to be interviewed numerous times before and after killing a bear. She opened herself up to this kind of criticism.
I've spent quite a bit of time in Aspen and other mountain communities 'plagued' by bears. People understand that bears can co-exist (or exist at all). Aspen put out an annual calendar of events, which is affectionately known as "Bears of Aspen". Bears sleeping in trees, play with their cubs and frolicking cubs. A few newbies call the cops, who tell them if bears scare them, then they should avoid them. The city helps with bear-proof trash bin. (they're not very bear resistant)

In Boulder we are blessed with Jennifer Churchill. No worries about bears, with Ms. Churchill on the job. Bang, bang.
Kill them all, let god sort it out.

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The city can pay to gate the crossings and end the train horns by instituting a Quiet Zone.
In fact, five year ago the council voted to do precisely that, then didn't fund it. The BN was to pay the larger portion of the costs to gate the crossings, but still no action.
Now we find out that BN is paying taxes to the city that would make it even more economical the gate the crossings.

My take on why this hasn't happened is Coombs vs Baum. It was the Baum council that voted to create a quiet zone. Baum also negotiated an $18M refund from Fastracks. Either Coombs loves trains and wants to hear more of them, or just hates Baum. Coombs feelings about Baum were not hidden.

So it is all political. We get what we vote for. Time to replace Coombs with less of a hater and more of a doer.

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Why not the husband? His wife was sleeping around, including her ex. In every other case the husband is first on the list. He certainly had a motive. What motive would Elmarr have?
Murphy's kids (who will chime in soon) were satisfied with Elmarr's conviction. Justice may not have been served, but angry kids might have felt relief.
DNA evidence shows that Murphy rode on Elmarr's motorcycle. Not a lot of evidence of murder there. She rode on his motorcycle a lot - with tons of witnesses.
So when the CoA tossed Elmarr's conviction, why did he remain in prison? Justice has yet to be served.

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UhOh - TC and DC are about to change the blog system to DISCUS. They're holding comments in stasis, and these replies from 5 days ago are just showing up now. Good grief!

I am open minded. I'd heard a lot of stuff about TP.912 but no first hand experience. A fellow comes into my store and convinces me to find out for myself. I go to his meeting after work. They start with a prayer (not for me thanks), then the pledge to the flag of occupation (not me either), and then they roll right into a bunch of badly edited videos of Obama not hailing the chief (himself) and going along with the BS about the president not saluting the flag.
I was itching to leave when they started praying.

It is depressing when people construct revisionist history in True Believer mode. Miss the council meetings and the agenda - Pass On Reality.

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New Eagle Scout is a target. This past summer and the two before, newly anointed Eagles were arrested in Longmont and Erie for things that other people would simply get a citation for. I know one such young man, valedictorian for his graduating class at Niwot, who was arrested after the police officer heard from his friends that he was an Eagle Scout and not likely the candidate for what the cop thought he was doing. Driving like a teen, not a criminal. A ticket would have been fine, but the LPD officer thought arrest was better. Though the actual traffic infraction was a $70 fine and three years ago, this poor sap is still dealing with the repercussions of being arrested. Probation is king in the courts with young people. It's an income stream.

While it is likely that this Eagle will prevail in civil court, it is not likely that attitudes will change. It certainly appears that law enforcement would like to set an example - each time an boy is chosen to be the example. Pick someone who shines and knock them down.