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In our recent Canadian election (Oct. 2015) it was exactly this argument that turned the election campaign around and elected our new PM Trudeau.
We finally turned the corner on austerity up here. (And got rid of our very own Dick-Cheney: Stephen Harper)

" Infrastructure investment The world is awash in capital and short of safe and productive places to invest it. As a result, the U.S. Government can borrow mony for 30 years at an interest rate of 2.5% (nominal). Our roads, bridges, passenger rail, electric grid, airports, and urban mass transit systems are all in desperate need of upgrades, expansion, and catching up on deferred maintenance. When you have good investment opportunities, idle resources, and access to cheap money, you should borrow the money and invest. Construction work provides the classical source of “good” blue-collar employment."

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"doesn't have to be true, just plausible"
Ah what a slippery slope we are headed down courtesy of these miserable miscreants.
Beelzebub has a devil set aside for thee, Mr. Harper (& Mr. Flanagan et all)

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Saw the latest attack-Jack ad (it seemed like they just changed the name from Iggy to Jack, cheapos) and now this bit of nonsense. I literally LOLed and think others might be laughing too.

Stevie should change his name to Doris, don't ya think?

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Group-think is one of the most dangerous traps in our decision making.

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ban polling!

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"given most Canadians' contempt for professional politicians "
Be careful what you wish for, eh?

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minus 39 (at time of posting)
don't any of you folks have a sense of humour?

And I commend Andrew for not drinking the same kool-aid that the execrable G&M did.

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So, here is the best post I've seen regarding the polling situation....
And it does support the views of Colby here,
Time for some sobering perspective for everyone who is over-indulging in orange kool-aid....

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the best post I've seen regarding the polling situation....sobering to everyone who is over-indulging in orange kool-aid....

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are you actually quoting or simply channeling our Dear Leader? (circa 1995)