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The maximum minimum (follow that? the highest dispensation to reach the minimum limit of social security) was 708,95 € for a single or 1157,46 € for a couple per month in 2009.

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Monsieur, c'est n'est pas une révolte, c'est une révolution!

Yeah, but seriously, it's not the trade unions that are breaking into storefronts and burning cars. It's the stupid fucking kids that are acting like stupid fucking kids. I'm all for a good car burning from time to time, but the stupid fucking kids are distracting all the media attention away from what is a legitimate grievance by the working class.

And 60 is minimum retirement age, i.e. not full pension. That's currently at 65 and the proposal is to make it 67. So, while more generous, the age differential isn't that tremendous vis à vis the States.

Oh, and when the Fiscal Poop Commission comes after our Social Security next year, we'll probably just sit on our arses watching Dancing with the Slobs or something dumb. And that sucks.

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Hey now, I grew up in Greensburg and I'll have you know that in my high school class of 280, we had like 9 or 10 black kids. Living black kids even.

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Credit to Megyn Kelly for actually stopping him when he started spewing campaign talking points.

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Funny that he'd be made ranking member - as a Freshman, mind you - of a bunch of stuff he hates? That's what the GOP does! They find the person that least believes in the mission of an agency / organization / post, whatever, and make him the head of that organization.
Two additional examples that come to mind:
John "The UN does not exist" Bolton - US ambassador to the U.N.
Elaine Chao - hates working people - Secretary of Labor

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And there will be a reverent ferocity of masturbation from Senate office to Senate office, from House seat to House seat, from on top of Robert Byrd’s coffin to inside Ted Kennedy’s coffin, and all across this great land.

Work blocked the Wonkettes today - which sucks - so I'm just posting now, but that quote reminds me of Sen. Byrd's speech on Michael Vick dogfighting. "Barbaric....let that word resound from hill to hill and from mountain to mountain and from valley to valley across this broad land."

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I just went to look for that comment, and because of the hip new instantdebate thingy, it's lost in the ether. This is sad.

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Alex Jones is on the case.

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The Steelers had a starting QB before Bradshaw named Dick Shiner. That's a bad one.

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Also, I worked really hard on that. Compare them in two windows.