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"There’s a common sense to Iowans too, a live and let live attitude.”
Yep, that sounds about right.

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Or grow their own. Iowa soil is fertile - how hard can it be to grow tobacco in it?

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Cigarettes MUST be sold at least 20 at a time? Of course - the state wants you to smoke MORE, at least 20 at a time, so they can rake in more tax revenue! People who only smoke an occasional cigarette wouldn't bring in enough revenue.

This law sounds like another solution in search of a problem.

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I'm already looking for a car that can sustain a hard impact from a rear-end collision. I slow and stop for yellow lights, but am fully aware that other drivers accelerate instead.

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As long as any part of your car is across the white line before the light turns red, you are SUPPOSED to be considered in compliance with the law.

It will be interesting to see how many unfortunate citizens whose cars are moving slowly in bumper-to-bumper traffic, get ticketed for getting caught in the middle of the intersection as the light turns from green to yellow to red.

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You are as suming that the entities in control of these, all of whom have a financial stake, will act in anybody's best interests but their own.

Will every camera show both the light and the vehicle crossing the white line while it is red? Video or photo? If video, how many frames per second?

The registered owner of the motor vehicle will be accused of these crimes, even if he is nowhere near the site of the violation. Basic Constitutional rights are being violated just so the city can rake in extra cash.

Both the city and the camera company are paid based on how many tickets they can generate. More tickets equals more money. This provides a very powerful incentive to generate as many tickets as possible.

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Ever seen one of the portable speed check trailers on the side of the road? It has a sign with the posted speed limit and a digital reading of what the radar is measuring as your speed. It fluctuates wildly, even when you are going rock solid at the speed limit.
Since both the city and the for-profit corporation are counting on a lot of revenue from these cameras, you can count on paying for a LOT of bogus tickets. They will undoubtedly take dozens of radar readings and issue a ticket for the highest one.

Hopefully the cameras will deter real speeders and red-light-runners - but it's unlikely that they will ever provide enough revenue for the city and the camera corporation to decide they have too much money.

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The radar is aimed in the same general direction as the camera, and whatever reading shows up on the radar is what goes on the ticket for every vehicle in the camera's field of vision.

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The average cost is $11.70... when was the last time an Iowan was actually charged that amount? I believe mine cost $30. 256% is an impressive profit.

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Theft by deception is easy to understand, but what are "prohibited acts"?

Good to get these guns out of the hands of a thief and back into the hands of their rightful owners.