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She was quite good in that movie, definitely her best role to date. And the movie explored some very interesting issues.

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So upset that they took The Walking Dead off the air where I am, I can't get to see it anymore. Something to do with a dispute with the cable provider. I was so looking forward to this season, especially with all the cliff hangers last season and seeing Michonne. Thank goodness for the summaries given on this blog, and hopefully I will be able to watch it on dvd one day.

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Well said. This myth of some bygone era where "women were women, and men were men" is just that - a myth that needs to die. But then again, you can't kill something (in this case chivalry) that never existed in the first place.

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Renee, enjoy the weather.

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They want African American culture, but they don't want African Americans.

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Along with the triggering effect and the callous description of the item, what is equally horrible is how readily this artefact gets listed / described as "THE ART AND HISTORY OF BLACK MEMORABILIA."
It is not black memorabilia, it is slave memorabilia, there is a huge difference.

That the seller of the piece and the author of the book cannot even distinguish between the two speaks volumes about how they see black people, yet they will claim to be post-racial and accuse us of being over-sensitive.

Slavery and the slave trade is not one and the same as black history, black art or black culture. History and art is what a culture creates and what defines that culture. Black people did not create the transatlantic slave trade, nor does it define us. It is something that happened to us, but there is much more to black history and culture than slavery.

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I agree with you.

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Well said both Womanist Musings and Hasan Minhaj.

I just viewed the commercial for the first time. I don't believe for one moment that this was accidental racism. They knew good and well what they were doing, but thought they could get away with it.

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Black men like Kevin Hart please do yourselves a favour and instead of coming up with a million tired excuses about how evil black women are so therefore you had no choice but to find yourself a white woman, just be honest and admit that you despise your dark-skinned black mother for ever giving birth to you, and that you are so insecure and jealous of white men that the best thing you can do to become like one is to "acquire" a white woman.

And I won't even get into the fact that we all know full well that the black men who approach black women in the street who they don't even know are never decent, polite or friendly, or dressed like the guy in the comic strip. We all know that these men are totally incapable of approaching a black woman unless their commentary is filled with vile, sexual references about our butts, breasts and other body parts, what they would like to do to us, or threats of physical violence when we don't fall swooning into their arms.

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He sounds creepy and dangerous as hell. He's a scorpion because he is trying to fool you with the words coming from his mouth, but at the same time he is stinging you silently and deadly with his tail.

Black people had better wake up and learn to think critically around people like this. Far too many of us will take the fact that he plays African drums and has learnt about the slave trade as evidence that he is "cool" and an ally of black folks and black culture.