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I'm too cynical to believe any Democrat wants the truth before the Election. Those on the Commision are there for appearance sake and nothing more.

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What Anita says is true and has been published from 2008. Is she credible or not in her stating she has become a free thinker or not? One can only take her at her word, that's what trust is and we have to trust because that is our battering ramp. She had been brainwashed into thinking the opposition is out to get them. It's hard to convince thinkers who have grown up to believe what others think. To this day many in the Tea Party do not understand what Republicans stand for because they have only listened to the media propaganda. They are lazy Tea Party patiots so how do we expect Black Americans to understand. We have done a poor job of educating, we have assumed an awful lot and taken much for granted.

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I have the feeling the President and the Muslim Brotherhood wouldn't be trying so hard to convince people if they weren't scared of us. Since the Tea Party patriots rose up to battle the Communist/Socialist we unveiled the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood and in 3 years have brought them both out into the light. They can no longer push their propaganda in secret and now the whole World has been warned. Like Climategate, both Obama and Mousi have been exposed as liars. I doubt they would be trying so hard if they didn't think there wasn't a chance Obama could lose this Election. It looks like they are preparing for defeat and we have yet to see the full force of their wrath. We must always fight them as we continue to educate others of the coming plans of global unification under the these dictators. We have no choice left but to turn the tide against them. It can be done if people are willing to stand together. If they continue to divide us into camps then we will have lost. We must never be distracted from our goal of achieving victory, appeasement is not an option for us.

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As soon as Murbarak fell I wrote on my FB page, Egypt is no friend to America. If anyone thinks a peddler lit himself on fire as a protest to the Government control over his life ignited the Arab Spring then propaganda is very much alive and well. He may have been the catalyst but it was the dupe, FB owner, Zuckerberg who helped unite the protest across the Middle East. Facebook has become a powerful tool, too powerful under the control of only one man. Plans are afoot to take that control away from Zuckerberg. If Syria falls the rest of the Middle East will follow as Morsi has already iniciated contact with the Saudi Kings. The remaining question will be Iran. If Obama stays in power a Middle East Union will exist. Right now, Turkey is poised to take a piece of Syria but deals are yet to be made. The well-funded rebels in Syria are a mixed lot as in Egypt. Can the Muslim Brotherhood broker a deal with Turkey and Iran amongst the rebel forces? Will Iran throw Basaad under the bus as everyone must agree, he must go? Will Iran risk the break-up of the signed Triad Pact Between Iran, Syria and Venuezela? The November Elections will tell us which way the wind will blow as Obama is no friend to Israel. Right now I am not worried about Israel attacking Iran, as the propaganda in the media would have us believe but, more if Egypt and Iran will attack Israel. Will Egypt provoke retaliation from Israel with border skirmishes? We all know how Hitler instigated border attacks so he could declare war on Poland. The politics and propaganda never change just the faces of the players in the game.

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The Brittish propaganda Communist/Socialist media has coined the slogan "Twit Mitt" for his supposed gaff about the preparedness of London's Olympic Games. Instead, it should be coined "Twit Brits" for once again being duped by their leader's spin on 'how great we are comrades'. London's security organization was so bad that they scared many people away from the Event. Under the guise of possible terrorist attacks the Brittish Military was able to get passed through Parliment the approval for rocket launches to be placed on top of buildings of the populace in London. How bad was it at the Olympics? Well, the stadiums for the Events were so empty school children and military personnel were dragged in for free, sorry I gaffed, encouraged to participate. The Medals are only knock-offs of Gold, silver and bronze and yet, our Olympic winners are supposed to pay high taxes on the inflated prices of their scrap medals. I'm afraid I stopped watching the Olympics when professionals and trained military were allowed to enter the games, all for boosting the Olympic popularity, profits and, to combat the Communist Countries, at the time, who interned their athletes 24/7 to please their Comrade Leaders.

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Cluck! Cluck! Now means, we are not going to take anymore from the Far Left. It appears the Gay Rights Movement is making Chick-Fil-A their battleground for the right of gay marriage. Cluck, cluck I roar, I will not tolerate anymore imtimidation, harrassment, coersement or attacks from the Leftist propaganda media. Cluck! Cluck! My Christian values will no longer be silenced. Cluck! Cluck! The freedom of speech prevails and will no longer be down-trodden for those of opposing views. Cluck! Cluck! I'm off to Chick-Fil-A tomorrow to pick up some Cluck Cluck sandwiches.

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While the Obamaites are still in control I would be afraid to take any vaccination. I still remember the so-called crisis of the last chicken flu virus that gave the Government full control over the Drug Companies. Worldwide pandemic was their scare tactic and it fizzled by the roadside with the scare tactic of shortages and millions may die.

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Want to find out if you and your friends and family are registered to vote. You can go to and click on the banner 1234 then click on 2 for activate. If you find anyone who is not registered they can continue on to register online. You can also send emails with the register to vote from the site.

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Want to join the Tea Party 'Unity Rally 2012' in their march to Tampa, Florida on August 26th, 2012 prior to the Republican Convention? If you can't make it personally for any reason then why not join the Virtual March online. Go to <a href="" target="_blank"> and get an Avatar and march in the Virtual rally. There is no charge for your Avatar or online stream but you have the option of outfitting your Avatar with Tea Party signs and other patriotic symbols for a small fee. You can go to and find out more.

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Obama has proclaimed his Muslim Faith on numerous occasions. You can check YouTube for verification. His Black Theorology Christianity allows him to do this. Over the past five years the Obamaites propaganda media, along with CAIR, have been educating the American people on their misconception of Islam, or, should I say re-education. The Muslim Brotherhood is pure evil and evil begets evil. Obama, Hilary Clinton and their ilk are wishing to form a perfect union with the Brotherhood. Obama because he deeply believes in his Muslim Faith and Hilary for political ambition. Both foster hopes of a new society where the rise of Islam will play an important role.