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Yep, I agree 100%. Good post.

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Niiiiice! Actually, I was being lazy. Here's the comprehensive list to call out:

Go Devils.


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I did not say it was unreservedly psychonautic - those were actually that author's words. Not mine.

You forgot this point:

3. Grim seems an unlikely character to be making a plagiarism charge against George Bush. Of all the other book authors she's got on hand, why would Arianna Huffington have Grim writing the smear?

I'm a constitutional conservative, not an ideologue. Regardless, if your primary background as an author had been in telling anecdotes of your drug exploits, would you expect to go after a former President with plagiarism charges and be taken seriously? Valid circumstances to ponder is all...

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Uh, you're wrong. Flynn is right on the money. Did you get any of those emails TPP was sending out? I did. I was embarrassed FOR them. They sent them over and over and over again, and one of the last ones included congress members' PERSONAL cell phone numbers that are reserved for their own families and closest inner circles. They were inundated by strangers at phone numbers meant for their families. The TPP already have perfectly acceptable communications for contacting these congress members in timely ways. This has nothing to do with "having a reasonable right to expect their elected representatives to "be public" and open". TPP just didn't like what they were hearing, so they resorted to crazy-person tactics. Well, one person told them to resort to such tactics. That one person needs to get their head on straight.

This was nothing short of stalking. If people in the Tea Party want to be taken seriously, they cannot allow others in the movement to behave as crazed stalkers. There's a difference between putting pressure on Congress members and STALKING. This was most definitely the latter. Unacceptable.

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Thank you for being one of those who understood that in exactly the context it was intended!!!

Without those Lawrence O'Donnell moments, Democrats who think it's still the party of their grandparents would be none the wiser. Frankly, he did me a favor - because I'm tired of trying to convince the last few old school Dems I know that the Lawrence O'Donnell's really do exist.

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Normally I don't respond to such commenters, but this issue is important, so I'll just offer this:

Soros' difficult childhood is not exclusive to him alone. Thousands upon thousands lived that life too, including members of my own extended family, who stood up to communists and experienced far worse than Soros did. Stop making excuses for the man. It's an insult to everyone else who lived the same lives as victims of communism and the Nazis, but who aren't using their past horrors as a cover for manipulating people.

One man should never have as much concentrated power and influence as he does. Under such circumstances, even good people and good intentions can easily turn bad. Normally, the combination of free people, free markets and a diligent media keeps that sort of power in check. Unfortunately, as we've historically seen, sometimes those checks break down. Why should we allow that now?

Insert the name "Bush" in place of "Soros" and then consider whether people are justified in asking questions.

Let's remember, when an elected official amasses too much control and power, he/she is elected out of office. We don't have that option here. Speaking out and raising valid questions is the responsible course of action. Squelching that, however, is NOT.

PS - That gunman did NOT shoot up the Tides foundation, by the way. And in interviews, the gunman himself has said he was NOT inspired by Beck. That claim is a perfect example of the media's manipulation.

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Yes, if you'd had the chance yet to read the actual full post online, you'll see that I completely acknowledge that. That misses the point of my whole article.

The difference is that the DNC did not always use YouTube for their White House town meetings and their press events, and Google for their news feeds in and out, or YouTube for Congressional addresses, or both for their "Organizing for America" platform, and so on. Hence the point that NOW it's a bigger deal - when the newspapers and TV fail, as they will (most already have), we are left with Google/YouTube as one of our remaining primary news sources. I'm just suggesting in my article that we might be a little less apathetic as a whole, and be a little more concerned that it could eventually become state-sponsored media.

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Can anyone tell me how to buy Glenn's Common Sense in bulk? I've tried to purchase 50 to 75 as a donation for giveaways at a July 3rd/4th Tea Party. Most I can get from retail stores is 20 at a time - more requires special order and 12 weeks!

I've contacted everyone I know of (and don't know of) with Glenn's show or Fox News - I even tweeted some of them. Nothing from anyone. Jeez, you'd think somebody would be happy that a 912er wants to buy more than 50 copies of his book and give them away!!!!! What's up????

I was also hoping I could try to get Glenn to sign some, but at this point, I just care about getting the books!

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